Sometimes you see around and realize perhaps that’s the maximum what fashion can bring you. You never really know what is on its way to meet you. Here we are talking about the amazing new fashion trend which is none other than the LED eyelashes.

Yes, that sounds unbelievable, but it is now under test trials. They are also called f.lashes (flashy lashes), and the genius behind them is the designer Tien Pham. We first saw LED eyelashes at Maker Faire this year.

Due to the incredible response which he received, Tien Pham thought to make them commercial, and that’s where whole this hot trend emerged. He has now launched theses wearable electronics as a standard consumer product, and it has attracted the people from the entire world.

Usually, when we shop for lashes, the first thing is length and volume. Who doesn’t like thick, dramatic lashes, I mean. What if you get the same with additional glow? Yes, that’s right, the new f.lashes glow and sparkle with your head movements.

You may be wondering what exactly are LED eyelashes. These f.lashes are tiny strips of LED which you apply to your eyelids like regular fake lashes. They are self-adhesive. Now, there is a wire and a controller which you have you hide somewhere to exhibit the magic of f.lashes.

The best way to hide them is your hair. Just make sure you don’t drop it somewhere. These lashes come in seven exciting colors that are pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow and green. They light up in various colors and patterns which are based on your body movements.

Additionally, they have seven different modes that include scroll, dance and only sparkle. You can switch to any with the controller that comes with it. They are fueled with a watch battery and last for 4 hours maximum.

They are very lightweight and are easy to carry. Pham says that he wanted them to be light weight as the comfort of the user is also important. The lashes are connected with the battery which is required to be hidden through nearly invisible, thin wires.

No one will know that there is a wire unless he is very close to your face. It looks catchy, but you may not like the cable and controller. It will annoy many people but yet manages to entertain us. Expect to see it in all clubs, festivals, concerts and public events.

If you are into fashion following, you should perhaps wait for it to be common. Launched a few months ago, f.lashes are not readily available everywhere. But a few stores are selling it which is a total catch if you can make it. Try this new cool trend to sparkle in the dark.