Obsessed with clicking your pictures to post them on social media? You might have narcissistic personality disorder. Social media has a deeper impact on the brain than visible on the surface. Using social media only to stalk and compete with others online can result in feelings of jealousy and overwhelming complex.

At the same time, posting too many of your pictures and selfies can make you become self-obsessed. Science has time and again showed the connection between posting several pictures online and excessive over-confidence. A new research which has been carried out by two universities based in the UK and Italy further stresses that posting too many pictures online can develop NPD.

This survey was conducted on 74 participants who belonged to the age range of 18 to 34. The experiment lasted 4 months. It was found that posting several pictures online resulted in the development of the qualities of narcissism by 25%.

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental condition that is caused due to environmental, genetic or psychological reasons. The traits of a narcissist include being overly obsessed with oneself, lack of empathy, and a fragile ego. A person who has NPD admires himself, his achievements, qualities, brilliance, looks, and thinks of himself as above others.

He only prefers to be with those who he believes match his high standards and demeans everyone else. A narcissist believes that he deserves praises, attention, and special treatment from others. On the inside, he is insecure and embarrassed. He fears being anything less than perfect, something that cripples him despite his haughty nature.

NPD patients can receive therapy to minimize the symptoms however, most narcissists are unable to spot any faults in themselves to ever decide to visit a psychologist. Social media should, hence, be used in moderation before it is too late.