Hair is a very important part of a girl’s life. The same thing goes for the boys as well. They both manage to take maximum care of the hair, and make sure that it is healthy and thriving. One major component that is paramount in deciding whether your hair nourish well or not is the shampoo that you use to wash it. Mostly, the shampoo that we use to wash our hair are filled with chemicals and harmful agents. These chemicals tend to ruin the texture of hair and cause a lot of buildup. They are good for lathering, but in reality they cause a lot of harm to the hair. Therefore, most of the hairstylists recommend their clients to use chemical free hair.

OGX shampoos are known all across the globe for being sulfate free. As there are no sulfate and chemicals in them, they are safe to use. Alongside, there is a great variety in this range. No matter what kind of hair do you have, this shampoo’s range has got you covered.

But, are these shampoos really worth all the hype? Lets evaluate.

a) Natural ingredients:

The company claims that it uses just the natural ingredients while manufacturing the shampoos. No artificial items are used, which give it a quality of being close to the nature. Even for an extremely sensitive scalp, you can use it without giving a second thought. There are no toxic chemicals to cause buildup to your hair.

b) A great variety:

No matter what problem do you face for your hair, this range of shampoos has got you covered. There is something available for everyone. Whichever problem you need to address, there will be something or the other available for you by the company.

c) Easy on the pocket:

Most of the sulfate free shampoos cause an arm and a leg to the buyers. Compared to those brands, these shampoos are quite light on the pocket. They are extremely affordable and go a long way. Each bottle will stay with you for at least two months, which is quite a reliable deal.

Some of the best OGX shampoos:

Some of the best OGX shampoos, as reviewed by the customers include:

 OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo:

If you have extremely dry and brittle hair and you are sick of them, you can opt for the  OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo. It has the pure Moroccan argon oil, which will give your hair all the moisture that it really needs.

OGX Weightless Hydration + Coconut Water Shampoo:

Hair that tends to weight down by extra moisture need some hydration. The OGX Weightless Hydration + Coconut Water Shampoo is very light to the hair and can be applied even every day. Yet, there will be no build up and the hair will stay healthy and light.

OGX Thick & Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo:

In case your hair has turned into an unhealthy sack of broom and need some health, this OGX Thick & Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo is what you need to treat it. It gives great strength and health to the hair, while the biotin helps it grow furthermore.