Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello seem to be dating. Though they have not confirmed any such reports, their actions have caught paparazzi’s attention. The Señorita collaborators were spotted in Los Angeles together hugging, holding hands, and being to cheery.

Some think that they’re in love and their dating was meant to be. However, a whole lot of fans are not buying it. They think the Havana singer and the Canadian crooner are pretending to be dating. Why would they do that? Their sudden closeness is being called a publicity stunt.

When Hollywood Pipeline shared a video of their Los Angeles hangout, one person commented, “Its way too fake and cringy… Someone needs to take acting classes.” Another user typed, “lol it feels like a publicity stunt.”

These two weren’t the only YouTubers who felt Shawn and Camila’s rendezvous in West Hollywood was just for promoting their new single. In fact, several people were of the same view. “It’s so clearly staged that it’s actually painful to watch,” said yet another person.

People have been shipping these two songsters for a long time now. But they have admitted to being nothing more than friends. However, when the video for their latest song Señorita dropped, it left everyone shocked.

Not only did these two have sizzling chemistry is the fiery hot vid but even in the BTS shots, they seemed to be so attracted. Yet, the latest developments between these two seem staged and unnatural to fans.

Shawn Mendes was asked during his concert on Friday if he and Camila were dating. The lad just shrugged the question away leaving the audience confused. Clearly they are very close friends but is there more?

Considering these two are private its shocking to many that only now have the cameras been able to get some fodder. They’ve remained mum overall about their previous relationships as well, specifically Shawn.

In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, the 23-year-old said that he sometimes wants to be caught by the paparazzi with someone. He had said, “I had this thought: ‘I have to get paparazzied with someone. Who am I gonna get? I’m not relevant.”