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Ever since Selena Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber once again last year, she hasn’t been seen romantically involved with another guy. And now that it has almost been a year and fans have got no substantial gossip regarding her love life, they seem to be concerned and are getting overly excited every time a rumor about her love life erupts.

Now once again rumors are connecting her name with another celebrity. They say that the Wolves singer has been spotted with Niall Horan. Supposedly, she has been seen sharing a kiss with him. A reporter also talked about these two in the same line on Twitter and that just fueled the whole deal. But are the former One Direction star and Gomez actually dating?

To your disappointment, no. Selena Gomez has just been connecting with her friends to take care of her mental wellbeing. Dating is not currently on her mind, so there’s little chance that there’s anything serious going on in that department even behind the cameras.

A source told HollywoodLife, “Selena thinks Niall is great and loves his music, but they are not boyfriend and girlfriend despite some of the rumors.” The insider further added, “She has been spending time with friends, and taking care of herself. Not that she would not date Niall someday. Selena and Niall are really cool with each other and they are friends. They’ve flirted in the past but Selena and dating’s just not something she’s interested in right now.”

That totally makes sense because Selena Gomez has been through a lot. Just recently she took her leave from a mental health facility and made a comeback on Instagram. However, regardless of her health, Gomez has been active in terms of career. She’s been giving us hits back to back and we couldn’t be happier!