Protein shakes and supplements are commonly taken by bodybuilders, but are the really good for them? Scientists have been doubtful. A new study conduced by researchers at The University of Sydney, Australia adds that the branched chain amino acids which are found in protein shakes may not have much good to offer to one’s health.

This study, which has been carried out on mice, fed them a diet rich in BCAAs though they were used to a diet which was high in carbs along with being low in fats. It was found that branched chain amino acids had detrimental impacts on health in the long-run. Basically, BCAAs competed with tryptophan, which is a key amino acid of serotonin, the happy hormone. By doing so, BCAAs had a negative impact on one’s mood as well as expanded one’s appetite.

An increase in cravings led to obesity and reduced life quality. Moreover, the study also found that a diet that was high in BCAAs shortened one’s lifespan. Thus, a diet which is high in BCAAs while low in other essential nutrients is harmful. Researchers have previously as well, urged protein shake consumers that a balance in amino acids in the body is crucial for good health.

However, this doesn’t mean that BCAAs have nothing good to offer to a person. These amino acids do build muscle mass and prevent muscle damage. Though some other research also shows that they are associated to health risks. It has been found that BCAAs share a link with liver disease, heart disease, and diabetes type II.

Therefore, one must consider the negative side effects of a diet that has high levels of branched chain amino acids. Because while one may aim to gulp down protein shakes for building muscles and improving sprint performance, excess BCAAs do the opposite job – they lead to obesity along with cutting one’s life short and adversely influencing one’s mood.