It is not only rude but absolutely mean to belittle what someone is going through, particularly if we are talking about a disease. Unfortunately, regardless of all the amazing music that Justin Bieber has created for his fans, many are slamming him for being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Folks are of the view that Lyme disease is not as much of a big deal as Bieber is making it.

Justin and his wife have both addressed the unnecessary backlash that the Baby singer is receiving. It all started when Justin Bieber posted an article that talked about him suffering and overcoming his health problems. The 24-year-old wrote on Instagram that while people have been saying awful things about how he looks these days, he’s actually been diagnosed with Lyme disease along with battling a “serious case of chronic mono.”

Lyme disease is an infectious ailment that is contracted by ticks. Immediately after he made the post people took to the comments’ section as well as to Twitter to leave mean comments about the Canadian crooner. What shocked the audience most is that Justin described his condition as incurable which is not the truth.

When diagnosed at an early stage, Lyme disease can be treated easily with antibiotics. Keeping this in view one person wrote on Twitter, “Deeply respect his suffering, but public should not uncritically believe #JustinBieber´s problem is Lyme. It is NOT incurable like he says. Rather, alternative medicine falsely attributes many problems to Lyme. Bieber influences kids – must be questioned.”

Let’s not forget though, that Lyme can be severe enough to affect the heart, joints, and the central nervous system. Meanwhile Mono is a viral ailment which can be very fatiguing. Lyme can be so dangerous that if left untreated, it can also be fatal.

Justin brother added that he will be releasing a docu series on YouTube that would talk about his battle through these health problems. This led fans to think that he was only using the ailment to promote his YouTube documentary. One person commented “false” on his picture while another said, “way to promote a useless docu series .. also you clearly do drugs so stop with the hypocrisy.”

Yet another follower didn’t believe him either, leaving the comment “you do not have Lyme disease but ok.” Reading all this stuff made Bieber’s wife Hailey defend her hubby on Twitter. She wrote, “Making fun of and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never the way, all it takes is educating yourself.”

Justin Bieber also made another post addressing all the hate that he was getting. He said that while people were busy sending hate his way all he had to give back was love and that he wished the best for all of them.

Though some were not very supportive of him, there were others who sent prayers is Justin’s way. A lot of celebrities left supportive comments on his Instagram post. Avril Lavigne, who has struggled with Lyme in the past, left a supportive message. Logan Paul did so too.

The Hadid sisters were particularly helpful to the Biebers. Yolanda, Gigi, and Bella took out time to educate Hailey Bieber on the matter, for which their model friend thanked them. The Hadid family has suffered through Lyme disease as well. Yolanda Hadid and her children Bella and Anwar, all three have battled with Lyme disease.