Looks like things are getting very serious between Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. According to a new report by the US Weekly magazine, the former Disney alum is “obsessed” with the Quantico actress. In another news, Chopra and Jonas have been spotted rocking the same gold band in their right hands. Now, that’s a major sign that their dating is en route to escalating into something more!

However, before you think anything more of it than what it is just know that there no is marriage on the cards for this couple for now. Their right hands wear matching rings, not left, so they’re not engaged. According to what the insider told US, while they seem to be head over heels in love, there doesn’t seem to be a second Jo-Bro wedding on the horizon.

“Nick is super into Priyanka, but he isn’t the type to rush into an engagement. It wouldn’t be surprising if they eventually get engaged, but he’s not the type to propose right away.” Another source told the media outlet, “They are obviously serious enough to the point that they are meeting each other’s families, which is clearly a huge deal.”

It is no secret that they have both introduced one another to their families. Nick, who isn’t typically one for taking his dates to family affairs, took Priyanka to a cousin’s wedding recently. Then he also went to India where he met with the 35-year-old’s family. “No one would be surprised if Nick proposed to her in the next year,” further added the second source.

Looks like 2019 will be the year then. Both the celebs have also made their love story public on Instagram. Nick had posted a story of the actress and captioned it “Her” with a heart-eye emoji. The Indian beauty has also posted called the Jealous singer one of her “favorite men” on the social media platform. So, while they haven’t solidified their relationship with an engagement yet, we’re hoping they do soon.