January 17, 2022

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Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a new dinosaur with an unprecedented tail

Chilean archaeologists presented the results of their research on Wednesday, December 1st Stegouros lengassen, A dinosaur that discovered an almost identical skeleton in Patagonia in 2018. It was discovered during excavations in Zero Guido and is known to have many fossils. At first, the team thought it was dealing with an already known type of animal, until it found traces of its tail. “Absolutely amazing”.

During a presentation in Santiago, Chile, on December 1, 2021, journalists photographed a new type of dinosaur, Stegoros Elingacense-sized specimens.  (Martin Bernetti / AFP)

The latter “Seven pairs of osteoderms covered (…) produce a weapon completely different from what we know for a dinosaur”, Explained Alexander Vargas, one of the archaeologists, during a presentation on the invention at the University of Chile. These osteoderms, the bone plates located in the skin layers of the skin, are aligned on both sides of the tail and look like large ferns.

Ancient researchers estimate that this animal lived between 71 and 74.9 million years ago. It was about two meters long, weighed 150 kg, and was vegetative. According to scientists, they published their research in a special journal Natural, He may be part of a hitherto unknown array of armored dinosaurs never seen in the southern hemisphere, but may already have been identified in the north of the continent. “It simply came to our notice then [la queue] Has developed. We know that there is a tendency to independently develop different osteoderm-based defense mechanisms within armor dinosaur groups., Explained Sergio Choto, another member of the team.

The Zero Guido area in the Los Sinas Valley, 3,000 km south of Santiago, is about 15 km. Various rock formations with many fossils are formed there. This “A kind of book that allows us to understand the heirs of the flora and fauna of this place”, Explain the ancient researchers. It also allowed us to discover that today’s United States and Antarctica were close millions of years ago. “There is strong evidence of biogeographic contact with other parts of the planet. In this case we have two closely related armored dinosaurs, Antarctica and Australia.” To do Stegoros, Said Sergio Soto.

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