June 26, 2022

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Apple puts a layer back in the sideloading

Apple protects its store teeth and nails. A White Book Now released, the manufacturer attacks sideloading, which means the possibility of installing apps outside the App Store – a historic practice on the Mac, which Apple refuses to implement on iOS. But it is One of the ways considered Through the European digital market law that Tim Cook has already stated All the harm he thought.

This new release, dated October, completes the release already released in June. In the same case. The same arguments are being repeated, and Apple has refined it. ” Support for live download siteloading or alternative App Stores disables the privacy and security that makes the iPhone more secure and exposes users to serious security risks .

Apple creates what’s happening on Android: 230,000 malware infections every day, Android smartphones that are 15 to 47 times more vulnerable than the iPhone, and nearly 6 million attacks per month on those terminals that allow sideloading. If the manufacturer is forced to tolerate sideloading, Apple fully activates the print card, citing the horrors that affect iPhone users:

  • The proliferation of malicious applications that allow thugs to target users;
  • Users have less information and less control over applications;
  • Some processors may need to remove security functions that prevent access to essential components of the smartphone;
  • Users may be forced to install sideloading processors by their schools or employers;
  • By mimicking the look of the App Store, cyber criminals can trick users into downloading malicious processors.

All of this is not possible in the App Store, as Apple reviews apps (although there are some hiccups). White Paper is the industry’s worst set of Android practices, making it the reverse mirror of iOS. To Apple, ” Sideloading is not simply for the benefit of users .

This gloomy presentation on the dangers of abortion will have the opposite effect: European Competition Commissioner Margaret Vestager has made it very clear.Apple Security should not be used To artificially reduce competition on iOS …

Apple further assures itself by citing its own corporate certification program, which allows companies to distribute applications outside of stores – sideliding across the company. A project that was ignored by Facebook and Google in 2019, it earned them Cancellation of their rights And blocking applications used locally.

Despite the tightening of restrictions, abuses related to the company’s certifications continued, Apple explains. ” This demonstrates the risk posed by making Apple take over the ability of any developer to distribute apps outside the App Store. If Apple fails to control the distribution of applications at the corporate level, the risks to the general public will be even greater.

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