December 9, 2021

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Apple is protecting the pinnacle of the new MacBook Pros

Faced with the expected epidermal reactions to the climax that sits on the screen of the new MacBook Pros, Apple has chosen to do a little teaching. Guest this weekend on Podcast The same brain, The host of the MacBook Pro Range Sruthi Haldia actually went before to defend this controversial design element.

Sruthi Haldia presents the latest from Cupertino Labs. Apple Image.

Max’s director of this range recalled that the area of ​​the ceiling and the menu bar did not germinate in precious pixels. Conversely, it adds to the existing space and increases the overall size of the screen. In fact, the area below the peak is the same as in older machines 16/10, but the menu bar – usually the standard element – is pushed to this “bonus” area, which does not distract a function. IPhone user peak.

Haldia praised the ingenuity of this approach, which frees up useful space when the screen bezel is pushed back (according to Apple, the bezel on the screen is 60% thinner than the new MacBook Pros and lost 24% of the bezel pages). The director also took the opportunity to specify MacOS ‘fullscreen mode, which uses a black bar at the top of the screen and the climax is very low.

A climax? What is the climax?

On top of that Official page Dedicated to the MacBook Pro, the latter is very sensible: the US company places more emphasis on fullscreen and MacOS dark mode. But other than the headaches it gives developers can bet that Apple will quickly forget this little development.

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