This year, the fourth of July did not come with the usual excitement and joy for the people. Where usually the fireworks and hours parties were a norm in all the state of the United States of America, this year it was totally peaceful and calm.

How is this year different?

This year has seen a complete shift in the attitude of people. All the adults seem to have adapted to the current situation, which is staying distant socially. This is a necessity as well as a new norm in the World, today. On the other hand, kids are slipping deep into depression and anxiety. They are getting anxious over the sudden change in the situation of the World, which has taken them off guard. According to the clinical psychologist, the number of online consultations they are getting these days is the highest ever.

The reason behind this depression:

One major reason why this dispersion and anxiety is sudden change of the definition of NORMAL. Everything that these kids used to feel normal has now changed. Their routines have changes and new situations have emerged. As they no longer go to their schools normally, they have to stay inside their homes for longer hours. They can not meet their friends anymore, they are prisoners inside their houses, and once in a while that they go out, they have to cover themselves completely.

With the social activities reducing to a great level, anxiety has become a major part of their lives. The restrictions that come with this pandemic have altered the way people used to live their lives, completely.

Depression among mothers:

It’s not only the kids who are dealing with this newfound depression. Mothers, at the same time, also have to go through it now. Even the pregnant women are dipped in depression, as their and their kid’s future is mired in uncertainty. They have no idea what will happen next, which makes them feel anxious.

The University of Alberta took interviews of mothers to be, and most of them expressed the their fears that have strengthened owing to the prolonged pandemic. They are anxious about contracting the disease, which may affect their kids in a bad manner.

How to deal with Depression?

Dealing with depression in this time of COVID-19 is not as tough as it may seem. There are a lot of things that you can do if you are also dealing with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some of them include:

  • Do a new activity every day. Read a new article, listen to a new song, apply for some new jobs, write something in your diary.
  • Avoid overthinking. Thinking a lot may lead to a lot of anxiety, which you need to avoid.
  • Talk to a friend or a family member. Whenever you feel low, just call a confidant and pour your heart out.
  • Focus on the solutions rather than thinking about problems all the time.