Ansel Elgort’s opinion syncs with that of the rest of the masses. The Supernova singer recently gushed about Harry Styles on social media and same. Who doesn’t have a crush on Styles? He’s got the best style, the best music, and the best looks.

Here’s what’s happened: Joel Embiid, basketball player, posted a picture of Harry Styles. The caption of the post read, “The Lakers starting 5.” In the picture, Harry Style can be seen rocking his usual swag, tousled hair, dimpled smile and all. And right there, among the comments of fans are the Divergent star’s words. “Harry is so beautiful,” Elgort wrote.

Of course, that’s newsworthy. That’s one tall and handsome, curly haired, pleasant sounding dude praising another tall, handsome, curly haired, pleasant sounding dude. We’re here raving about this celebrity praising another celebrity comment, meanwhile, other fans have started debating whether Harry is straight or not. Oh please, let people live either way.

In other news, the former One Direction bandmate who supports the rights of the LGBTQ+ community fiercely, waved the pride flag in his concert at the Madison Square. This is not the first time Harry has been considered gay by fans despite having dated a long list of girls.

Another fun fact? This is not the first time Elgort has expressed his liking for Styles. Rewind two years back, in 2016, the 24-year-old posted a picture on his Instagram account which showed Harry and a bunch of other pals. Guess what the caption read? “I got a picture with Harry Styles.” The caption also held numerous happy emojis just like any other fanboy!

How cute is that? Elgort’s wide grin further shows his excitement. Also, just so you know, Ansel Elgort is not the only celeb to sing praises of the Gucci model. In fact, Ariana Grande and Rihanna have also showed their admiration for the star. Let’s see which celeb is next on the list of Harry’s admirers!