May 24, 2022

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Announced for the 20th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts 4 – News

No release date, no sites – do not dream – but at least Sora confirms that he will be at the center of the plot again, following the “trilogy” that ended in early 2019. The series immerses us in contemporary Japan, where the mysterious heroine is presented as “Quattro”. It is seven days since our hero arrived in this “other world”, and it is time for enough sleep to see a major threat erupt in the heart of the megalopolis. Armed with his keypad, Sora goes and splits Goliath in the eyes of the masked men, while Donald and Coffey seem to wander around trying to find him.

It is difficult to learn a lesson in a project Sports At this point, apart from being valued for the letter of the traditional action-RPG formula, planes and QTs to stop fighting, of course, do not forget the sequence of controls placed at the bottom left of the screen. Regular measurements. This causes a mysterious “build” to appear in the fourth place, while Sora now appears to be able to use the keypad as a cropping hook to access remote locations. Finally, note that the final version of the game runs on Unreal Engine 5.

At the forefront of the mobile game, another important spring in the series, the publisher has split the two TrailersKingdom Hearts was the first to announce the arrival of a major update to Dark Road, which will go into edition Offline Starting in August 2022, the release of the second new project, which will be carried out on Android and iOS. Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will receive its closed beta in the Regional Group later this year, allowing up to 6 players to fight in the arena simultaneously in the wake of a parallel maneuver. In short, the beautiful story between Square Enix and Disney continues, hoping that the games will experience fewer delays than the third episode.

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