Just as the Internet is a blessing, it is also a curse. Sometimes there is an expected pre-launch of things that were previously planned to launch with a good tease to the audience. This is, specifically, true in the case of makeup items. They are best revealed with giving out only bits of the product so that the audience is on their heels. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case this time around as Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette has just leaked.

The leaked eyeshadow is called Soft Glam. The campaign was to launch in February before the product finally rolled out. But since it’s leaked, there is nothing much that can be done. On her Instagram, Norvina just broke this news. She sounds heartbroken as she writes, “Soft Glam was leaked, like everything else we launch nowadays.”

The eyeshadow palette is packed with pigmented colors that will help you to create looks that are best suitable for both the day to night time. It is a palette of neutrals that Norvina has dedicated to her mother, ABH. The eyeshadow kit has also been made keeping in mind makeup artists that have a bridal clientele.

Norvina has created 7 new shades. She has taken 3 more from MR and included her mother’s fav Anastasia Beverly Hills single eyeshadow hues too. These colors include nudes, Orange Soda, and Seinna. Another shade called Noir is also incorporated in the leaked Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette.

Soft glam is mostly an eyeshadow palette of neutrals. Norvina understands them to never go out of the trend. And these are also colors that are beloved by all, thus, she has come up with these lovely hues. The beauty brand is all set to release its Powder Bronzer Shades in February. The leaked Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette, Soft Glam by Norvina, on the flip side, is to launch in March.