June 26, 2022

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An astronaut testifies to the atmosphere in space between the Russians and the Americans

Mark Vande Hey landed in Kazakhstan last Wednesday and was brought back by a Russian capsule with two astronauts, Anton Chkaplérov and Piotr Doubrov.

A hope

The American then returned to the United States, speaking at a news conference in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, April 5th.

The Russian astronauts were “very dear friends, are and will continue to be”, he said. “I never worried about my ability to continue working with them.”

Mark Vande Hey confirmed that the war in Ukraine was in fact the topic of conversation at the Space Station (ISS). But the discussions were “mostly about what they think about it, and they want to share it with themselves,” he said.

Discussions “Mostly about what they think about it, I wish they could share it themselves”

Moscow and Washington are partners in the administration of the ISS. NASA has repeatedly promised that cooperation will continue unabated for the time being.

But the head of the Russian space agency Dmitry Rogozin has been increasing his fiery and threatening tweets for weeks.

Mark Vande Hey, he said he did not see social media, but learned about his wife’s statements. “To date I have been very confident in our collaboration to take these tweets to anything other than addressing an audience other than myself,” he commented.

At 55, the astronaut now holds the record for 355 consecutive days in American space.

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