May 24, 2022

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AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, 6750 XT and 6650 XT: Here is the performance

The graphics card is only three days away AMD Radeon RX 6950XT, 6750XT And 6650XT. However, here is the Legion of Leaks and the official performance of this update seriesAMD Our colleagues via the Wccftech site.

In terms of performance and price, is the update of AMD GPUs interesting?

Note that the test structure here is processor based AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D On the AMD X570 chipset motherboard. AMD SAM (Smart Access Memory) and resizable-menu technologies are enabled. For AMD drivers used 22.10-220411n and NVIDIA we have version 512.15. The criteria displayed are the official AMD metrics provided to the media. The figures we see in three days may vary depending on the test configuration used.

Based on experiments 18 games Different in a definition 4K. To begin with, The RX 6950 XT averages + 4% compared to the RX 6900 XT and + 11% against the RTX 3090.. This is roughly the performance of the RTX 3090 Ti. However, keep in mind that we have an AMD CPU and Smart Access memory technology enabled, so the test configuration will be slightly lower if you use an Intel processor than AMD.

The company also shared its definitions to show how its RSR technology worked on the RX 6950 XT. In the diagram below, you can see the performance with the default 4K definition, but with upgrades from 1080p to 4K and from 1440p to 4K. Let’s remember that tooAMD is announcing its RX 6950 XT at a price of $ 1099 MSRP.

Benchmark AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT RSR

Let’s talk about that now RX 6750 XTHas its performance + 7% compared to RX 6700 XT. Facing the RTX 3070 from NVIDIA, we have + 2% efficiency. Note that the definitions provided here are in the 1440p range. About RX 6650 XT Definitions run on 1080p, and it features + 2% efficiency against RX 6600 XT And + 23% against the NVIDIA RTX 3060. The RX 6750 XT is priced at MSRP $ 549 and the RX 6650 XT $ 399.

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What do you think of this update series? Are you looking forward to it or are you looking forward to the release of RTX 4000/5000 and AMD Radeon 7000?