June 26, 2022

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Amazon reduces the price of luxury bulbs (-40%)

Philips Hue is not only the best colored light for the home. They are materials that allow for better management of lighting and secure housing (by simulating inventories). For almost a decade, they dominated the market. The brand maintains its high-profile image by controlling reductions.

So you have to wait for the right moment to buy this Philips Hue. And precisely, not many. With the exception of Prime Day (June) and Black Friday, Amazon never turns off the lights. It is the only dealer in the Dutch company’s best-connected bulbs with discounts, sometimes with Bowler.

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For this black silver, Amazon doesn’t do things halfway. The business platform has slashed the price of the entire Philips Hue list. Once you have started your installation, you need to start with a starter kit. For those who already have the kit (link bridge included), they can purchase individual bulbs. Discounts are so crazy, do not miss this opportunity.

How to use this Philips Hue?

What makes Philips Hue bulbs so popular is that they are consumer quality and easy to install. Even geeks know how to install these bulbs. In this case, they do not need more knowledge than a standard bulb. In a matter of seconds, you can control the color of the bulbs and their intensity.

If you want to gift them (or want to buy them for yourself), you should start with this starter kit. In this box, there are bulbs (colors or white, your choice) but also a small white box. The latter is called the “connection bridge” and it acts as an intermediary between the bulbs and Wi-Fi.

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This will allow you to control your lighting directly from the service connected to the Internet. This can be a mobile application on a smartphone, a computer application, or by voice (via voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant). Once the link bridge is set up, nothing else can be done.

For those unfamiliar with light bulbs, you should also pay attention to the basis on which you are going to choose. According to Philips Hue, almost all sites are available. In France, the most popular site is E27. This is a sample of these offers on Hue presented by the Amazon site during Black Friday.

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If you have your Philips Hue bulbs installed, you can change two things in it: the intensity of the light and the color. These two parameters can be easily changed from a mobile application: it is a children’s game. Since you have multiple bulbs in the same room, Philips can also provide you with special atmospheres: work, concentration, tropics. Depending on your mood and time of day, you can change them.

Connected home Amazon ranks first

In recent years, integrated materials that make the home smarter have emerged. However, many are still out of reach of the general public. If you want to set foot in it, Philips Hue is one of the easiest products to access. Other brands such as the French Netatmo or Nest are also part of this new generation, opening up to the public.

Philips Hue bulbs are a very popular product and the public is always waiting for offers to enhance installation at a lower cost. For this black silver, it is obvious that some of the models in stock will not last long. Roughly speaking, this is the only time you can save up to 40% on these models. People know this and they are looking forward to this moment.

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If you do not know if this Christmas gift will make you happy, Amazon gives you more than 2 months to get it back. It takes us beyond Christmas. This means that if your user is disappointed, you can take the Philips bulbs from them and redirect them to the Amazon operating system. This will prevent them from being resold. This will allow you to recover your money and reinvest it elsewhere.

For that Good Friday, Amazon has decided to reduce the prices of primary products like Philips Hue. So we have to hurry so as not to end up on the street. The merchant officially launched its operation last Friday. Since this Thursday morning, it has been offering crazy discounts for most of its listing. If you want to treat yourself, you can easily make huge savings of several hundred dollars.

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