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Amazon Eero Pro 6 Test: Control and maximum coverage for this mesh kit

The Amazon Euro Pro 6 Pack is made up of three strictly identical modules. No module claims to have a router and other satellites like Kit TP-Link Deco X90 Each module has identical connections that automatically adjust to the device being connected.

According to Amazon, the Euro Pro 6 is a tri-band kit with an overall speed of 4200 Mb / s. Therefore the 2.4 GHz band deserves speeds of 574 Mb / s. Spread over 1200 Mb / s and 2302 Mb / s in both 5 GHz bands. Amazon does not specify which of the two is reserved for the interaction between the modules. For its package, Seattle uses the giant Mb / s6 802.11ax wifi protocol, which allows it to advertise the administration of 75 devices.

Two gigabit ports, power and that's it.  © Digital

Two gigabit ports, power and that’s it. © Digital

Each module has two gigabit sockets, with a USB-C port between the two, the latter only for operating modules with mains chargers (provided). As we mentioned above, RJ45 sockets can be connected to a router (WAN socket) or devices (LAN socket) because they are fitted with an automatic detection system. Having two separate RJ45 ports per module can be a problem for technophiles with bridges for connected objects, connected TVs, NAS and other consoles. Purchasing a network switch is a must for this type of user.

Euro is also compatible Ethernet backhall functionality This makes it possible to avoid using WiFi bandwidth to communicate between modules in favor of a wired connection that allows higher speeds. A good solution for those who have multiple network outlets at home. Note that, for example, the first two modules connected to a wired network and the third are likely to evolve towards a mixed solution in wireless mode.

The ZigBee Bridge is hidden under the name of the house connected to the Euro application.  © Digital

The ZigBee Bridge is hidden under the name of the house connected to the Euro application. © Digital

Each of the Euro modules is compliant with the ZigBee communication protocol. The management of linked products that operate on this protocol is completely transparent and goes through the Amazon Alexa application. However, do not expect to replace advanced ecological bridges (Philips Hue, Ikea Tradfri) because if it works in principle, you will lose the compatibility of these products with advanced options and own applications.

Every Eero Pro 6 module is very compact.  © Digital

Every Eero Pro 6 module is very compact. © Digital

The size of the Eero Pro 6 modules is specifically defined: 14.2 x 13.8 cm and 4.8 cm high. Their design is universal with a glossy white shell. Be careful with static electricity, however, as they attract dust very easily.

Installation of Euro Pro 6 requires a uniform application. Whether on Android or iOS, no application, no installation! Then follow the steps described in the application step by step. If you want to make full use of the Eero Pro 6, especially Alexa, you must enter your Amazon credentials.

© Digital

First, the application installs the first module for creating a WiFi network, which must specify a name and password. Only then will you be asked to add each additional module.

© Digital

The interface is very complete, especially for the configuration of each device. This allows users to create, connect devices with, and configure their access one by one.

The application has dark mode.  © Digital

The application has dark mode. © Digital

Depending on the configuration of the network, the systems are relatively basic, such as redirecting ports, configuring DHCP, or selecting DNS. However, there are no WiFi settings, for example, it is not possible to disable the band. However the guest has WiFi network.


The inclusion of ZigBee compatible linked material is confusing in its simplicity, but is very poorly defined between Euro usage and Alexa. For this, the Alexa processor must be configured with the same account as in the Eero Pro 6 Kit. To add a ZigBee device, you need to put it in detectable mode, then in the Alexa app, point to Add a device and select. Others. In fact, you should ask Alexa to start ZigBee detection directly and not search the product-related gateway on the network. The diode of the Euro modules glows blue, and after 45 seconds, the device is controlled locally in Alexa.

The Alexa application does not explain the process for the Eero Pro 6.  © Les Numériques

The Alexa application does not explain the process for the Eero Pro 6. © Les Numériques

A word about EuroSecure which acts as an integrated parental control in the application. It is fully integrated into the Eero application and not only allows control of each user, but also provides a ready-to-use ad and website blocker. To block a site immediately, check it out. The more expensive offspring? You can block Amazon.com! It works on all types of domain names: streaming, purchasing, adult, social media, etc. Suitable for kids who are new to the internet without always going with them. Eero Secure also provides reports on data consumption, blocked malware or internet connection status.

© Digital

This parental control is particularly complete and practical, unfortunately paying off after 30 days of free testing. Price 39 € / year affordable. Eero Secure + Edition is also available for 109 / year. It includes VPN (Encrypt.me), password manager (1 password) and antivirus (Malwarebytes).

To evaluate the performance of Amazon’s Euro Pro 6, we inserted a module near our operator box, with which we connected the laptop PC to the 1GB / V socket via the adapter. To measure the speed, we changed from this laptop PC to a 4.73GB file (disk image) second only to one equipped with the Intel AX200 6 WiFi chip, but to a standard desktop PC connected to the above gigabyte GC. WBAX200 PCIe card with Intel AX200 chip, but with external antenna.

The first block is located at an angle to the housing, the second is almost in the middle of the latter. We take the measurement of 1 m, which gives us the optimal flow rates (point 1 for block n ° 1 and point 2 for block n ° 2), with the other wall facing the block in a room at a distance of 5 m from block n ° 2. n ° 1 (point 4), the third measurement on a fixed system upstairs through a concrete floor (point 3), and the last measurement above, but beyond the first room where the speed of the router is lower (point 5).

© Digital

At most, the Eero Pro 6 can benefit from a throughput of 775 Mb / s or an average of 97 Mb / s, with peaks at 1 Gb / s. Once connected to the module installed in the corridor (points 2 and 4), the speed drops to 500 Mb / s. Confusingly, the Eero Pro 6 still gets better speeds on delivery than reception – we usually look the other way. Point # 5 is very difficult in our testing protocols around. The third module installed on the floor provides better coverage with 332 Mb / s in this space. Not bad!

© Digital

In the 2.4 GHz band, the speed is apparently not too high, but very low and fluctuating. Therefore, a block can reach as close as possible to 220 Mb / s, and in the worst case we get 95 Mb / s. The remaining readings are above 100 Mb / s.

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