All those omg-s simply don’t escape from people’s normal hushed lips and scrutinizing opinions for no reason. They escape only when there is adequate care taken and effort put in the matter. Be it anything from top to toes, flawless only comes with when the ‘self-care’ game is strong.

Hair care is an important aspect if you want to get the town wowing over your locks. This is exactly what Amanda Seyfried does too! After all, those beautiful, blonde hair don’t just sustain themselves on their own. In fact, it the care that Seyfried’s gives to her hair that makes them so picture perfect.

What Does She Do?

Amanda Seyfried’s has revealed her hair care secret to share with us about how she actually manages to look so gorgeous off the movie screen. She tells, “My secret is to avoid drying my hair with the hairdryer and also avoiding blow-dries when it’s not necessary. In order to feel myself, I need to look the most natural as I can.”

So finally you have the secret behind her luscious locks. Hair dryers tend to do a lot more damage than what is visible. On the surface, it seems that blow-dryers are lifesavers with all the beautiful looks they offer us with the tamed hair. There’s hardly a day that passes by without it being a bad hair day. Most of us just assume that hair drying can help rescue us from the bad hair day but it is the exact opposite. Drying is the real culprit that adds increasing bad hair days to our hair calendar.

To add some sense it to it, we all know that heat can damage the hair texture, leaving them in a dry situation that makes them fuzzy-looking. All hair needs though is care and a good amount of effort but as is the rule, all good things take hard work. Even Amanda works on her hair so now we know the nays of the hair care.

The young lass insists on keeping everything natural too. Picking from her previous interview, we know that daily showers are not something to do every other day. As a matter of fact, every careful woman knows that daily shampooing can sip her scalp’s essential oils, rendering hair dry and brittle. However, it is only the smart women like Seyfried who work to actually practically employ this little trick in their daily life.

In this regard, Seyfried had said, “Dry shampoo is really important when you don’t wash your hair frequently.”

Another tip from Amanda Seyfried, in general, is to keep away from sugary foods regardless of the temptation. This actress considers this a very important factor for the overall beauty care of a person. Since Amanda’s physique also has people getting envious from her, it was only a matter of time that she shared what she actually did to maintain the look.

The celebrity tells that she maintains it all by keeping it slow with the sweet treats even though she tells that she has a sweet tooth. Here is what she said, “I force myself to limit sugar, even if I like it a lot,” Amanda also add, “It takes a lot of effort! I have to practice sport a lot because I love cakes.”

Thus, we have some really critical hair care and beauty secrets from Amanda Seyfried. She keeps away her hair at bay from the heated styling tools whenever possible and also maintains a safe distance from the sugary treats. To sum it up, here is the final tip to steal from Seyfried,

“I’m healthy, I eat well most of the time, I take care of myself and I drink a lot of water. But I also enjoy myself. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be painful, it’s about finding the right balance, I think.”