Packed with eighteen amino acids, Aloe Vera is a Goddess when it comes to the myriad of health benefits it provides. The aloe gel can be easily obtained from the plant, however, it is also being sold as a topical solution for various skin issues such as sunburn, acne, redness, and more. The Aloe Vera plant has been the oh-wow-magical treatment spell since ancient times so the centuries of use of this plant prove its effectiveness and safe usage. In fact, regardless of the type of problem you may be facing, the common answer that you get in a chorus is, “have you tried the aloe gel” so without further ado, let’s narrow down the uses of Aloe Vera for your skin

Acne Problem? No Problem!

Ever heard anyone say no problem to the acne problem? Never in a million years, you’d ever hear that but someone who uses Aloe Vera for the invader pimples can easily make such a comment.

When used on pimples, acne scars, and sores, the gel helps to treat them with its ability to combat infections. At the same, the plant gel helps to encourage cell growth and heals scars. Aloe Vera also reduces the pore size due to its property of being an astringent, which aids in keeping the dirt, sebum, and microbes at bay. Not a select few but the whole world chants the praise of Aloe Vera as an incredible skin cleanser that contains coagulating agents, antibiotics, astringents, and pain inhibitors.

Aging? Bring It On

There is no reason to fear the typical symptoms of aging if you pour all your trust into the aloe plant. The gel is enriched with vitamin C and E along with beta-carotene, which makes it a potential agent for fighting the wrinkling aging signs. Plus, the plant boasts antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep the skin clean and lightens blemishes too.

Research has also proven that Aloe Vera can be taken as a supplement to challenge aging by increasing the collagen production of the body that improves skin elasticity in about 90 days. No wonder, the Egyptians called it ‘the plant of immorality.’

Bye Bye Blemishes

You can bid farewell to all the stretch marks and skin blemishes with the Aloe Vera gel. This is possible with the gel’s ability to speed up skin cell reproduction, reduce redness, and treat inflammation. With some lemon juice as an add-on, the formula can also assist in lightening freckles and age spots.

Not Afraid Of You Anymore, Sun

The perfect remedy for your sunburnt skin is just an Aloe Vera plant away now. It’s gel features cooling and anti-inflammatory properties that help to immediately calm the burn and its associated irritation and redness.

Aloe Vera also forms a protective layer over the skin that helps to return its moisture and with its rich antioxidants and minerals, the plant gel can also aid in boosting the pace of healing. A study also concluded that the gel is a good topical solution for soothing the skin redness and inflammation induced by the UV rays.

Let’s Lock The Moisture

Typically, you would never want to lock anything in your skin save for the moisture that hydrates it and makes it look radiant and healthy. You might argue that moisturizers tend to add a greasy look but when you have Aloe Vera gel you can potentially ta-da skin goodness. Even if you have acne prone, oily skin your worry level can hit the nadir with the use of this natural ingredient.

The Aloe moisturizer softens skins without clogging the skin pores. Men can also use it to treat aftershave nicks and burns, as the gel will both hydrate the skin and heal the wound too. Moreover, research has revealed the Aloe Vera extract is an effective agent for enhancing skin hydration and is a good treatment for dry skin.