If you have even a minor interest in history, you would surely be familiar with the name ‘Hitler’. He was an inspiring leader, whose strategies worked quite well towards defeating Hitler in the Second World War. At the same time, he was the focal person who drifted Nasism away and saved Europe from it.

What history says about Winston Churchill?

The World is getting sensitive about racism and the negative behaviour against blacks, there are people who have started calling Winston racist. There are a lot of them who have found some pieces of evidence that claim that Winston was actually a racist, who was against the black rights. Some reports say that he had a strictly Imperial state of mind, which made him desire that more area should be conquered as it was the legacy of the Aryan race to triumph.

This made him a racist against people who belonged to other races. In the year 1037, it is reported that he had said to the Royal Commission of Palestine that nothing bad has ever been done to the Red Indians, living in America. He had similar views about the black people residing in Australia.

Stephen Baldwin’s views against Winston Churchill:

It is also being said that when Stephen Baldwin was the Prime minister of the United Kingdom, he had warned against his such behaviour and hoped he would not be a part of the cabinet. According to him, Churchill had old-fashioned views, which were not good for the country.

Defacing Churchill’s statue:

The recent black lives matter protests were held on the 7th of June. During these protests, the protestors occupied the streets of London. The status of Winston Chircull was defaced by these protestors, who were raising their voices against the murder of George Floyd. The protestors crossed out the name of Churchill with black spray paint. Alongside, they also used neon graffiti to deface his memorial.