All You Need To Know About The Second Corona Stimulus

Now that it is the fifth month since the World first witnessed the outbreak of COVID-19, there seems to be no betterment in the situation. People are still getting infected and drying. The global economy is in shambles. Unemployment is at its peak. People are stressed out.

If the reports are to be believed, now there are more than  600$ unemployment checks, which the government has to manage. Alongside this, it is now being indicated that there are great chances of a second stimulus. The second stimulus means that people who were infected before can get infected again.

The news about the second stimulus:

Though it’s true that there are a lot of people who have not yet been given their first checks, even they are asking for the second stimulus check. According to some reports, around 36 percent of people suggested that the second checks should start vigorously now.

President Trump has also said that he will support the second check completely.

However, officially the White House has not yet spoken about the payment of the second stimulus. Rather, the President says that we will see about how much money do we need to spend on the second check.

The Renewed Outbreak:

The reason behind the second stimulus is the renewed outbreak. A lot of countries have seen a spike in Corona patients and deaths. Even though most of the economic activities are stalled, the virus is still spreading like a wildfire.

With every passing day, the number of Corona carriers is increasing in every state. The Southern and Eastern states have the highest number of Corona patients as of now.

With the explosion of patients, it definitely becomes mandatory to opt for the second stimulus check to bring things under control.

Political Strategies:

As the latest polls regarding the favor and support for the political competitors have shown Trump to be a bit lower to Joe Bidden, there are great chances that Trump would do everything to make the second stimulus check work.

This would help him in gaining positive reviews from the voters, and his chances for the second Presidency will increase manifold.

The Residing Unemployment:

The increased unemployment is also a factor that may lead to the second stimulus check. With more and more people losing out on the jobs, companies really want the second check to happen and screen people according to their results.

This will aid them in knowing which employee do they want to retain, and which one needs some time to stay home and recover.

The occurrence of the second stimulus check, however, depends entirely on the highest authorities. They will decide the fate of the people, as well as manage the entire process in as less money allotted for it as possible. Overall, political intentions also have a great role to play in deciding the status of the second stimulus check.