Justin Bieber caused quite a chaos among girls as soon as he stepped into Hollywood. His charm affected a lot of celebrities as well from Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez.  His name has been linked to various women throughout the years until the king finally met his queen, Hailey Baldwin.

Wondering which ladies the Canadian crooner has dated in the past? Here is a list of all the females who were associated with Bieber before he got engaged.

  1. Selena Gomez:

Gomez and Bieber shared an on-again, off-again relationship for a long time. The two became friends in 2009. In 2010 rumors of their budding romance started to circulate. From there on till the start of this year, drama was an integral part of their complicated relationship.

  1. Miranda Kerr:

Miranda and Justin’s love story happened around the time when Selena and Justin first separated. The pair met during a fashion show and rumors about their relationship started spiralling. These rumors only ignited when the Never Say Never singer posted Kerr’s picture on his Instagram.

  1. Barbara Palvin:

Rumors regarding Justin Bieber and model Barbara Pelvin’s relationship also rotated once. The two celebs were reportedly spending time together and there was pictorial proof as well. When their picture reached Twitter, it even got attention from Selena Gomez!

  1. Chantel Jeffries:

Chantel and Justin first caught the attention of media around 2014 when Bieber got arrested. The couple reportedly enjoyed a vacation together in Panama. After their breakup, they reunited in 2016. Looks like Justin Bieber has a flair for his ex-girlfriends.

  1. Yovanna Ventura:

Ventura and Bieber were spotted together in Venice, looking more than just friends. Reports said they were quite comfortable around each other. The two even posted pictures with one another on Instagram.

  1. Ashley Moore:

Ashley Moore’s name was seen in news highlights when in March 2015 she was seen together with Justin Biebe,r enjoying a basketball game. Reports said that Justin was cozying up with the model. Justin Bieber’s Instagram account also proved the existence of their romance.

Kendall Jenner:

Model Kendall Jenner is a prominent name in the list of the girls Justin Bieber has dated. There was a time Justin was pretty close to the Kardashian-Jenner family. He posted a picture on Instagram documenting his hangout with the Victoria’s Secret model. However, Bieber said that what was between him and Jenner was not serious.

Jayde Pierce:

British model and singer, Jayde Pierce was seen sharing moments of love with Justin Bieber in late 2015. Jayde claimed that she and Justin Bieber were close. However, Justin didn’t quote the same words and said they were still getting to know each other.

Hailey Baldwin:

Justin and now fiancé, Hailey Baldwin started things with friendship. They first got together during mid-2015 and even got matching tattoos. Their relationship was confirmed with the fireworks announcing the new year 2016, when a picture of them kissing went viral. Mid-2018 they got together and mended their love story, soon taking it to engagement level.

Kourtney Kardashian

Bieber had also shared love with Kourtney, after her split from Scott Disick. She was found spending time with the singer throughout December 2015. Despite their age difference, these two seemed to have had a quality time together.

  1. Nicola Peltz

The pair met at a party and then started spending more time together during summer 2016. Actress Nicola and Justin went on a few dates. Media outlets even reported that Peltz spent nights at Bieber’s home.

  1. Sofia Richie

Justin and Sofia also sparked rumors of romance during summer of 2016. They traveled together to enjoy each other’s company too. However, fans didn’t accept the pair so much so that Justin even left social media because of the hate directed at him.

  1. Sahara Ray

Justin and model Sahara didn’t give many confirmations to people and there wasn’t much hype about their relationship either but they surely were seen together having some fun.

  1. Bronte Blampied

The time when Sahara and Justin had their adventure, Bronte was reported to be on the same trip too. Later, it was reported that Bieber and Bronte Blampied both had spent some time together as more than acquaintances or friends.

  1. Paola Paulin

The pair met in October 2017 and it was reported that they were very comfy with each other. They went on several dates together including visits to churches.

  1. Baskin Champion

Lastly comes Champion. After Bieber parted with Gomez this year and before he got back with Hailey, there was Baskin Champion in the picture with him. His relationship with her wasn’t full-fleshed but the pair did spend some time together and had a night out in a club.

This wraps up the list of all the star females that Justin Bieber has dated. Now that he is preparing for officially marrying Hailey Baldwin, fans have all their attention on his relationship with her. Reports even confirm that the couple is officially married.