Famously known as kalonji in the South Asian region, black seeds are sourced from shrubs called Nigella Sativa. These shrubs are found in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Western Asia. These small seeds have magnificent importance when it comes to several health concerns and have been in use for centuries. They are also commonly known as black caraway, black cumin, and black onion seeds.

Black seeds are used in various ways. The oil extracted from them helps in cosmetic use, weight loss, skin treatment, and even cancer. On one hand, where these have been used for treatments since ages, they have also been a part of the kitchen and used in the making of various dishes including pickles.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil:

There are several uses of these tiny seeds. Explored below are some of the common benefits of the oil extracted from black seeds.

  1.    Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints and can be extremely painful. A research which comprised of women showed that those females who regularly took black seed oil capsules for a month were able to see a reduction in inflammation along with a decrease in the pain caused by arthritis.

  1.    Asthma:

Asthma is another condition for which black seed oil is used. Black seed oil combats respiratory issues linked with asthma such as coughing, wheezing, and other lung-related diseases. Though there are several medications which can be used for treating respiratory problems, black seed oil stands out for being natural.

  1.    Digestion:

Furthermore, these black seeds can be used to treat several digestive issues. Their oil has the ability to reduce gastric problem and swelling in the stomach. It can also show a decline in the stomach aches which are the caused because of digestive problems. Black cumin is also found to be helpful against cancers related to the digestive tract. It may fight off stomach ulcers as well.

  1.    Weight loss:

Black cumin or black seeds are quite beneficial when it comes to the treatment of obesity. A research showed that when women who were following a diet plan took black seed oil supplements they lost weight faster. The use of these black seed products brought a drastic change in their measurements, especially, in the circumference of their waist.

  1.    Acne:

Regardless of the reason behind acne breakouts, black seed oil has proven to be of assistance. This it owes to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. A research which included a good number of participants showed that they were satisfied with the results.

  1.    Cancer:

Cancer is one of the rising concerns in the medical field. Black seeds and their oil are found to be a treatment for various kinds of cancers. Thymoquinone is a substance found in black seeds that is responsible for eliminating blood cancer cells. Pancreatic cancer, brain tumors, and oral cancer are few of the cancers that can be combated by the use of black seeds.

  1.    Diabetes:

Diabetes is another health issue the symptoms of which can also be fought with the help of black seed oil. This oil has been found to be helpful in maintaining a balanced blood sugar level as it has antidiabetic properties. However, little research has been conducted on the use of black seeds against diabetes.

  1.    Immunity:

Black seeds also have a positive effect on the immune health of humans. Unlike other herbs, black seed oil strengthens the immunity of your body without adversely influencing it. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and contains vitamin B which is known for being supportive in boosting the immune system. Black seed oil is also found to be helpful against infections caused by immune deficiency and HIV.

  1.    Skin and hair:

Where black seed oil treats acne with its antibacterial qualities, it is also advantageous when it comes to skin and hair. You can get softer, shinier, and silkier hair with its use. It enhances the growth of your hair as well. The oil from black seeds can treat scars and skin conditions as well which is why it is considered useful for acne.

  1.    Reduces High Cholesterol:

Black seed oil also plays a role in reducing elevated blood cholesterol. The use of black seeds can decrease Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and increase High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol. On the other hand, it is also found that using this oil along with garlic can be beneficial.

  1.    Allergies:

Runny nose, congestion or any other allergic reaction which can be caused due to any allergen can be cured or treated by the consumption of black seed oil. Consumption of this oil for two weeks can reduce these allergic reactions.

Side Effects:

The use of black seeds is safe. However, these seeds should be taken in either a small amount or for a shorter period of time. There are no proven results which show how long-term use of black seeds or black seed oil can affect the body.

However, it has been found that the direct application of black seeds on the skin can cause an adverse reaction and rashes. A case was reported where a woman had blisters filled with fluid after she applied black seed oil directly to her skin. Moreover, a long-term use or a large amount of black seed consumption can result in slowing the functioning of the uterus and might even slow down contractions in pregnant women. Please consult your doctor and seek professional advice if harmful impacts persist.

Wrap up

In the end, it can be said that like any other herb, black cumin has tons of benefits. Including a small amount in your diet isn’t a bad idea and may help you against several conditions. However, you should consider talking to your physician for guidance in order to avoid any unwanted consequences.