January 17, 2022

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Alignment of planets, shooting stars and a comet

The four planets will be aligned in the evening between the southeast and east this December. A real feast for the eyes, especially the brightest comet of the year included, and the night of December 13th to 14th Geminits.

Discovered a year ago, Comet Leonard Was practically observableEye Naked (below Size 6) Very good condition, late last night. She will come in the evening sky for the audienceNorthern Hemisphere, About the 12th, but immersed in light Twilight. After a few days, it will be nice when it shows up under the lightning Friday – December 18 – December 16 to 19 The planet grazes at a distance of about 4 million kilometers. After this date, it will be very difficult to observe again, because the horizon is so low and weak that its brightness actually decreases as it approaches the sun from Earth (Perihelion January 3, 2022). Its smallest distance from Earth during its long journey The Solar System It was on December 12 (35 million kilometers).

5 aligned planets, 3 of which are visible to the naked eye

Three aligned planets that can be admired at dusk, from the lowest to the highest on the horizon: Friday, Saturday and Thursday. First, Hesperos, the evening Venus, is not difficult to detect because its brightness is so clear from sunset. Thursday, The giant planet, But is far from us, will not go unnoticed. Both of these Stars Bright after the moon. Keep in mind that the latter will be visible on their page on December 8th and 9th. On December 10th and 11th, she will be approaching Neptune, The fourth planet aligned in the evening sky. But to admire it, you need a relatively powerful instrument because it is so far away from Earth that it cannot distinguish between Saturn or Jupiter. The same goes for me Uranus, Aligned with others inEclipse (ProjectAround the circular path Planets orbiting the sun), but at this time “hanging” above the east, opposite the procession of the mentioned planets.

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Saturn, slightly less intelligent than its “senior” Jupiter, is visible to the naked eye. It’s definitely a bezel or a Telescope We enjoy the view of its rings and its moons the most.

Finally, let’s add a fifth planet visible at dusk: Mercury. Flush with “almost” because she really is Daisy flowers So it is difficult to catch the view and very fun, constantly slipping under the horizon following the sun. The end of December was filled with the first celestial beauties GeminitesRainComets Remarkable!

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