Alia Shawkat Denies Dating Brad Pitt

Over the last couple of months, rumors were rife that Alia Shawkat and Brad Pitt are dating. a lot of people witnessed them together, and it sparked the rumor of their togetherness.

If you have seen State of Grace, you would know who Alia is. In the Netflix sitcom Arrested Developed, she played a prominent part and was praised for her performance.

Alia, however, has denied all the dating rumors and said that she is just a really good friend of Brad. All the dating rumors are baseless and there is no truth in them.

The rumors arose when a lot of people witnessed Brad and Alia together, a number of times.

Who really is Alia Shawkat?

Born in California, Alia Shawkat is an American actress. She grew up in Palm Springs and decided to try her luck at movies when she grew up. The 33 years old actress has played various roles in a number of television shows. Some of the most famous of these shows are the State of Grace, Final Girls, and Arrested Development.

You may have seen her in the latest series, Search party as well.

What is her relationship status?

Alia Shawkat is unmarried, however her dating rumors with Brad Pitt sparked last month. This happened when the alleged couple was seen hanging out with each other. The strange thing is that both the actors had ignored the instructions by the State to maintain a status of quarantine. At the time when everyone is supposed to stay home, these two actors were actually hanging out together.

Both actors actually live quite close to each other. People had witnessed that Alia would often ride her bicycle all the way to Brad’s place and they both would hang out together.

Since the month of September last year, they both have even attended a lot of music concerts together.

Interview with the Vulture:

The actress recently gave an interview to the popular entertainment magazine, the Vulture. While talking about the dating rumors, she said that it’s really weird for her as a lot of people have started giving her more attention than before. She also stated that it has become extremely embarrassing for her, as wherever she goes she is asked the same question.

She also said that she knows Brad Pitt for many years. She met him for the first time when she was only nine years old.

However, its now that she has actually become really good friends with him.

Brad Pitt’s history of relations:

Brad Pitt married Jennifer Anniston in 2005, after dating her for many years. The couple parted ways in the year 2005 when Brad started seeing his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar, Angelina Jolie.

He married for the second time Angelina in the year 2014, but the marriage also ended after two years. Ever since then, he has been linked with a lot of women, but he has definitely answered any of those rumors yet.