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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are definitely our favorite couple. After all the celebrity breakups we’ve went through over the years, theirs is one we would definitely never be able to bear.

So, we’re happy it’s not gonna happen. Hopefully never ever. However, that does not mean that Blake Lively has never cheated on Ryan Reynolds. As per the Deadpool actor, his wife very much has.

He’s not opened up on the matter, but he’s definitely implied with a tweet of his that the Gossip Girl actress has been cheating on him. With ghosts. So, yes, before you freak out anymore, know that Reynolds was trolling his wife once again on social media.

This is what happened: New York Post tweeted a story about a woman who had slept with 20 different ghosts and was now engaged to a spirit. Ryan Reynolds retweeted it along with adding “THIS is how I find out?”


If you look closely, you would also be able to see the similarities between this lady and Ryan Reynold’s wife, Blake Lively. While we don’t know how hard Blake laughed at her husband’s attempt at humor, what we are desperate to know is how she’s going to return him the favor.

These two are know for trolling each other time and again on social media. Clearly, they are not only the most good-looking couple around but also the funniest! Their chemistry is clear in the way the are always poking fun at one another.

At the same time, they are also quick to praise each other in interviews. Ryan has pronounced his love for Blake several times. Blake has done the same and mentioned how amazing of a father he is. The last time Ryan made a joke on Twitter involving his wife, he had called her his human shield. L.O.L. If you are not already, you need to follow Ryan Reynold’s on Twitter!