January 17, 2022

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Airtax, a new weapon for car thieves

In Canada, officials say several luxury cars have been stolen with the help of Apple’s AirTake “cookie”.

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Apple AirTags should be a little counterintuitive Loss And anti-theft but, since they were released, a bad light shines around these tiny capsules. Futura previously had that secrecy and Security AirTags are not a strong point and Apple has done nothing to fix this situation. Now the only diversion is in the use of these lighthouses. Instead of finding something lost or stolen, it has become a useful gadget Thieves And this Thieves Car.

In Canada, there is the York Regional Police Indicated Since September, criminals have been hiding air tags aimed at stealing luxury vehicles. These thefts have taken place in the last three and five months Cars Stolen this way. In these circumstances, the pattern was the same: The Tracker Placed on the connector or hatch used to supply power to the trailer. At that time, the thief (s) checked that the owner of the vehicle had parked the vehicle inside and outside his house to come and steal.

An alarm system if an unknown airtake follows

If criminals use AirTags, small beacons are actually much easier to use with a device because the brand is so widespread in North America. IPhone. L ‘Application “Find Me” allows you to follow airtacks more accurately and quickly, unlike other Bluetooth trackers on the market. GPS chips Autonomy.

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The story does not tell how the Canadian police learned of the use of AirTags on these planes. However, to avoid such disappointment, you can find out if a non-owned airdock is following you. In any case, it is an integrated function iOS 14.5 It will display if there are any warnings. It works with some Mobiles Android.

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