January 17, 2022

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AI-enhanced SoC – Frandroid for smartphones in 2022

For a change of name, the Snapdragon 8Gen1 became less focused on its processor and the power of its GPU than its capabilities on AI, photos and the speeds offered on 5G. Is this a paid bet?

Snapdragon 8 General1.

Snapdragon 8 General 1. // Source: Qualcomm

In 2021, Qualcomm flew over its industry Snapdragon 888, A SoC Was able to perform better than all the competitors Benchmarks That we have led. At the end of 2020, when it was announced, we had little doubt that it was going to set an industry standard that we were talking about. New sites for smartphones“. This year promises to be very different. Presented by MediaTek Dimensity 9000, Impressive SoC that can be spoiler.

The dragon’s response to the shepherd

You will understand, Qualcomm’s response was higher than expected. Here is Snapdragon 8 General 1. As announced, The The US company has decided to break its three-digit system, We draw a line on the Snapdragon 8XX, we look forward.

At first interest, the company did not communicate much about the benefits of its processor, but was fitted with the latest generation Cortex-X2 Core. He wants to focus on three main areas: IA, photo And this Link.

Exceeds 4 nm

For our part, before we talk about these three points, we are going to focus a little more on the processor and GPU of this SoC because these may be the most telling components.

Let’s start talking about the intricacies of the works. Yes, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 performs better at 4nm, which combines with the Dimensity 9000 in a very closed club. Apple offers the A15 Bionic at 5 nm more for its part, It is very efficient.

Snapdragon 8 General1.

Snapdragon 8 General 1. // Source: Qualcomm

A performance gain is precisely the pledge, which generally reduces engraving sophistication. According to statistics provided by Qualcomm, it can be viewed here.

The ARM Cortex-2 mega-core runs at 2995 GHz and peaks at 3 GHz. The Cortex-X1’s improved over 2.84 GHz, but reaching 3.05 GHz is not enough to compare with the Dimensity 9000.

We will mention here that the pure power of the chip designed for smartphones is far from the most important data because it is a powerful chip, but not very economical, which will not be of interest to many who discharge the battery in a few hours. On paper, however, MediaTek was able to deliver a chip that was compatible with Qualcomm or higher. It’s nothing.

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Sound quality worthy of the console

For the graphics area, the GPU For its part, Adreno has redesigned its architecture. This allows for 30% improvement in graphics processing and 25% energy efficiency. More interestingly, it combines supportUnreal Engine5 And its stunning graphics, as well as the Adreno Frame motion engine, help to increase the number of frames per second displayed.

We are far from the promises of Radiation tracking The partnership between Samsung and AMD, but the consistency of the update rate above 30 fps is even more complicated in some games.

The sound is great too, especially since there are not only graphics to immerse in the video game. Snapdragon 8 General 1 incorporates the audiogenetic technology for this. The promise is simple: high-speed sound and sound quality worthy of a console.

AI makes a big leap

The area that has made the most progress this year is in charge of the chip IA calculations. Qualcomm offers the 7th generation of its processor Hexagon Dedicated Mechanical learning . This doubles its computer speed and memory capacity. All you have to do is title Google Tensor Pixel6, But undoubtedly the new chip from MediaTek. This chip will help through the 3rd generation Sensing Hub, The most energy efficient chip dedicated to AI computations.

It’s important not only the size, but you can see the importance of AI by looking at the structure of the SoC. Hexagon and the sensing hub take up more space than the CPU, for example.

Different components of Snapdragon 8 General 1.

Different components of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. // Source: Qualcomm

While it is difficult to understand the tangible effects of this omnipotence at present, Qualcomm presented several examples during its technology summit. Starting with the functionHugging Face.

For example, it makes it possible to analyze your announcements and group them. ” WiselyIf you are used to using the control + F function to search for a specific word in the text, you can now type a keyword such as “. Color»The hexagon will also find all the passages that are directly or indirectly linked to this theme. More interestingly, Qualcomm promises e “If your employer asks you to review 100 documents, you can scan them immediately to find out the general tone”So you can save time studying.

Since the algorithmic processing of images derives its power from a region, photography must benefit from this speed.Mechanical learning. Expect improvements in bokeh and color management. This chip can identify 300 parts of the face, better identify features and distinguish them.

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One feature allows you to create 140 panoramic rendering by combining two images taken by two different sensors. The curiosity compared to the classic panoramic or ultra wide angle is simple: no distortion. Additionally, if you have a 120 ultra wide angle, you can cross this technical limit thanks to AI.

The Sensing Hub has two interesting uses. The first is to detect sounds to trigger procedures. For example, Qualcomm imagines an alarm clock that turns off when a baby cries or an automatic call for help in the event of a road accident. Another application in video games or video conferencing: to help reduce the sensing hubScream, Unpleasant noise that appears when two people use each other’s microphone. We saw it in the demo and it is very interesting.

Last interesting application: your phone can give you an idea of ​​your mood and your sanity by analyzing the way you speak. Qualcomm Govt talks about the ability to diagnose infection. Want

Dance of numbers in photo

Let’s continue Photo, The most important criterion to stand alone in the high market. In this SoC we see the Triple ISP system provided with Snapdragon 888, but it also finds that its capabilities have been significantly improved. The teams behind Snapdragon add up to a number.

The Snapdragon 888 can handle up to 14 bits, while the S8 General 1 goes up to 18 bits. Enough to capture 4,000 times more data than its predecessor, all at 3.2 gigapixels per second, up from 2.7 last year. On the other hand, we are far from the 9 gigapixels promised by Dimensity 9000.

Once integrated into the smartphone, this new ISP will allow integration of sensors that can reach up to 200 megapixels (also works on a copy from Samsung). Here again we can point out that MediaTek does not have its 320 megapixel capacity, but with Qualcomm 200 megapixels it seems to be close to the market expectations.

Snapdragon 8 General1.

Snapdragon 8 General 1. // Source: Qualcomm

Your device can take three photos simultaneously at 36 megapixels with three sensors (for example a wide angle, ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens), as opposed to the older generation 28. The ISP of Dimension 9000, with its closet numbers, ranks first among 32 megapixels.

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Other advantages of the new ISP: It is capable of shooting in 8K HDR, while the previous one was limited to 4K HDR by a definition. During shooting, the SoC can also take 64-megapixel snapshots.

In Burst mode, the Snapdragon 8 General 1 will reach 240 frames at 12 megapixels per second. Finally, if 2021 is definitely marked by the impressive night mode of Google Pixel 6, Snapdragon 8 General 1 could raise the bar even further. It can actually combine 30 pictures taken in very low light. Snapdragon estimates that these new SoC-equipped smartphones will have five times more performance night mode. We can’t wait to see it.

10 Gbps and 5G

As with performance, chip connectivity and network capabilities are much better today, so we pay less attention to them. Qualcomm still has its share of announcements in this area.

Snapdragon 8 General1.

Snapdragon 8 General 1. // Source: Qualcomm

San Diego has introduced its new modem 5G, Snapdragon X65, which takes from the X60. This new generation allows Qualcomm to display two first shots on its hunting board: 10 gigabit speeds on 5G and“First 3GPP Version 16 Modem”, The latest 5G standard. MediaTek announced the first 3GPP modem a few weeks ago, but we can continue.

Beyond the numbers, this new modem embodies a very interesting feature, which aims to prevent attacks and scams from fake 4G, 5G or 2G stations. For example, when you receive a fake message in your bank or in your CPF account. Inside the Snapdragon X65 modem is a system that detects whether the transmission station is dangerous or not and blocks it. Performing this task directly on the modem has another advantage: it requires less power from the phone, thus saving its battery.

To support it, we trust the FastConnect 6900 chip responsible for WiFi and Bluetooth. This is the same model as the Snapdragon 888. We still have Wi-Fi 6E at a theoretical speed of 3.6GB / s. We also have Bluetooth 5.2, where MediaTek has already announced 5.3. There are still two important additions: the aptX guarantees the arrival of the wireless codec, CD quality and Bluetooth LE look on its wireless headphones.

This article was written as part of a press conference organized by Qualcomm.

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