2021 is a year of change.

We all have learnt a lot of things in 2020, and we hope to improve ourselves in the coming year.

Our Pakistani actors, I have no idea if they know this or now, also desperately need to change their appearance. We are bored to the core with their monotonous appearances and hope that there will be some transformation in the way they appear onscreen this year.

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is an amazing actress and her recent drama, Sabaat , rose her to the heights of popularity. She is a supremely good looking actress, but we are really bored with her monotonous looks. Her silky, black hair is screaming for a change, and we hope she listens to it soon.

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Hira Mani

From being a loud actress to a well-crafted one, Hira has changed her acting style amazingly over the years.

However, one thing that is constant with her is the dukhi housewife’s character that she keeps playing over and over again.

Now is the time that she actually does something with her appearance that gives her a fresh look.

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Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas is quite a good-looking actor, and all the girls admit this. But, there is a limit to which one can view the same brown hair and grey eyes over and over again and we are bored of it!

Imran, are you listening?

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Ahsan Khan

Just like Imran Abbas, Ahsan Khan is also a fair-skinned, charming person, so has been in the industry for around two decades now.

However, he never changes his appearance and looks the same even now.

Shouldn’t he be changing his hairstyle now?

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Alizeh Shah

The monotonous expression of Alizeh Shah can be tolerated a little if she changes her dead straight, brown hair into something else now.

She is literally seen in the same getup of shalwar qameez, crying eyes, brown hair and sad scenes.

Time to change, Alizeh!

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