June 26, 2022

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According to one study, the “wash surgery mask” is more effective than the cloth mask

According to a study published in the October 11 issue of Chemosphere magazine, surgical masks are within “up to ten times machine-washed” standards.

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Study time: 1 minute.

“Washed surgical mask is more effective than mask” The fabric, confirmed Monday in Franchise, Oct. 18, was co-authored by Philip Cinquin, scientific coordinator of the CHU’s Grenoble Medical Research Center and co-author of a study on the subject published in the October 11 issue of the journal Chemistry. He worked with a team of French researchers for one and a half years on laboratory experiments.

“Surgical masks, when washed ten times in the machine, retain their compatibility with quality that matches their performance, filtration, breathability and cleanliness.”, The scientist argued. This standard is 98% filtration of particles between 650 nanometers and 7 microns. According to him, fabric masks with a diameter of 3 microns only reach 90% filtration.

Based on this laboratory demonstration, Philip Cincinnati ruled“Competent authorities, especially the High Council for Public Health, should recommend washing surgical masks.”. Said wait “A Regulatory Solution” To consider surgical masks, “Reusable not allowed” such as cloth masks “in accordance with Afner specification”.

Philip Cinquin sees this opportunity “An Environmental Issue” Car “The proportion of plastics associated with these surgical masks represents 1% of all plastics in France.” It underscores the economic role of families in surgical masks “Fabric masks are significantly less expensive than the so-called fabric masks in general. If we can reuse them up to ten times, we see that the budget could be affected.”