June 28, 2022

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A solar storm is expected this Thursday: harassment alarms, aurora borealis … what are the consequences?

A solar storm is expected to hit Earth this Thursday, March 31st. Question: The solar point codenamed AR2975 (AR for Active Region) has exploded several times.

In between Polar wind And solar storm. This Monday, March 28, 2022, the sunspot known to astronomers as the AR2975 (AR for Active Region) erupted several times. It was rocked by medium intensity 17 class C and M explosions. But even two or three of them ejected coronal objects in the direction of the Earth, warns Future science.

According to NASA, SpaceWeather.com and The Geek Diary, Some of them go straight to earth. The first eruption could occur tomorrow, March 31st. The second is to come the next day, April 1st.

The new NOAA model now predicts a “cannibalism” will sweep CME ((M1) CME ((M4) CME from CME)), now arriving shortly before 8:00 pm PST on Wednesday night, March 30th. Possible G3 moderate geomagnetic storm view here. The same scene that brought us back to the G3 in November. \ ud83c \ udf1e \ ud83d \ udca8 \ ud83d \ udca8 \ ud83c \ udf0e pic.twitter.com/nf1Orpngku

– Jeff Knesebeck \ u2600 \ ufe0f \ ud83d \ udca8 \ ud83c \ udf0e (eJeffreyK_WA) March 29, 2022

What will be the effects on the earth?

The first effect is pleasing to the eye: aurora borealis, more common than usual in the south. They are known as far north as England and Denmark, and as far south as Sweden.

Here’s a look at some of the CMEs introduced during today’s M4.0 Solar Flare. Although not as spectacular as we expected, we find that there is an asymmetric full halo CME away from the sun. The plasma cloud will reach Earth on March 31 and cause minor geomagnetic storm conditions. pic.twitter.com/tr4WdPlElw

– SpaceWeatherLive (_SpaceWeather_) March 28, 2022

The second effect, this method is less pleasant: on the power network. This Thursday, False alarms can be turned off suddenly. Low frequency radio and satellite navigation systems may also be affected by this large, accurate coronal object prediction. Independent.

Are these events dangerous?

Models estimate that we will handle solar storms of classes G2 and G3; This is similar to cases of “moderate” severity. But there is Nothing to worry about though; Although severe solar storms can actually cause infrastructure concerns, these are not moderate events Absolutely not dangerousAccurate The Journal of the Geek.

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