June 28, 2022

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A Razer headset allegedly saved someone’s life from a bullet

A Razer headset allegedly saved someone's life from a bullet

Owning a good pair of headphones can give you a more immersive experience, whether you are listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game. As it turns out, they can also play a huge role in keeping you alive by deflecting an incoming bullet. At least, that’s what appears to have happened to a Reddit user by the name of Enough_Dance_956.

In a story shared earlier this week, the 18-year-old Reddit user claimed that on Wednesday morning a bullet entered their bedroom window and hit the head strap on their headset — apparently the original Razer Kraken, as shown in one of the Comments – while wearing it to the user. Then the bullet veered toward the wall and landed on the user’s bed. The story is told in bits and pieces via various comments, but the bullet allegedly came from a building distance, a stray bullet that was not supposed to hit the user. If you’re curious, the story took place in California.

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The original post includes photos showing the damage to the headphones as well as the window, and separate function Includes photos of where the bullet hit the wall as well as photos of the bullet itself. Since it’s April 1st, it’s natural to question the veracity of the story, but the images seem to align with the story told by Enough_Dance_956.

The bullet appears to have penetrated the soft cover and lining of the Razer headset’s head strap, but veered through the metal on the inside and exited the other side of the strap. While it’s hard to say if the plastic construction would have had the same effect, it’s fair to expect that any other sturdy-build headphone would have offered similar protection. However, it just shows how a well-constructed product can save your life in the most unexpected way.

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In another comment, a Reddit user said that Razer reached out and offered to replace their headphones. However, the user declined the offer, saying that he only meant to express his gratitude to Razer.

source: Enough_Dance_956 (Reddit)
Across: Windows Central