December 9, 2021

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A note, finally on the wireless

HyperX reputation for gaming headsets is well established. When the brand releases the wireless version of one of its flagship models, we expect it to be around the corner. Now is the time to give you a full review of the HyperX Cloud II Wireless Headset.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset // Source: Frontroid – Arnaud Zellinu

Helmet Player HyperX Cloud II Wireless The wire uses the same design as its big brother and uses the brand’s wireless experience (especially with the Flight and Flight S models). Is provided in RRP 169.99 euros, Which embeds the same features and characteristics of the wired version.

We see the brand’s signature design logically. The 53mm transceivers are also part of the game and declare solid sound performance. After several weeks at his company, we present to you our full opinion on the latest addition to the Kingston Gaming range.

There is no risk in the design

One thing is for sure: HyperX takes risks when it comes to the design and ergonomics of its headsets. Stick to what the brand can do That’s not a bad thing here.

In fact, Cloud II Wireless takes exactly the design and concept of its wired version. This construction we see in Cloud Alpha has always been praised by players for its comfort and strength. There is no need to be disappointed.

Source: Frontroid - Anthony Winner

Source: Frontroid – Anthony Winner

So we see A red metal ring, With a red seam on its upper part that fits into the envelope covered with imitation leather. The interior is decorated Generous Muse And the brand logo sits proudly at the top.

This metal arch breaks on both sides to support the slightly rotating atria in the horizontal axis parallel to the circumference of the ears. This design that is already familiar to the brand allows the helmet to be Especially convenient, Especially from Fits perfectly on large heads as well.

Ear cups made entirely of black plastic, with the brand logo printed in red. They cover the eardrums well and again benefit generously enough with a foam-coated hue skin.

Source: Frontroid - Anthony Winner

Source: Frontroid – Anthony Winner

The left atrium accommodates A module adjustment wheel (This affects the general size of Windows). To the one on the right, we notice that there is a power button to turn off the microphone while the headset is running. There is also a second button dedicated to activating 7.1 mode.

With regard to connectivity, the headset Communicates with PC and PS4 using USB dongle Very bulky. If the headset has a USB Type-C port, it will unfortunately only be used for recharging. So even if a cable is logically supplied in the box the wired headset cannot be used.

Source: Frontroid - Anthony Winner

Source: Frontroid – Anthony Winner

Requires a gaming headset, Cloud II wireless is logical Removable microphone provided, With his glasses. It connects to the left atrium using a jack connector and provides a shaped memory pole, which is a little harder yet beneficial. However, good idea: the bottom of the microphone is illuminated by a red light, which indicates when the microphone is turned off.

Despite switching to wireless, the Cloud II gains a few grams compared to the wireless wired version So no more than 310 grams. This last point only emphasizes our best feeling compared to this helmet that shows itself Very convenient, so very suitable for long gaming sessions.

Limited functionality

Despite that Compatible with HyperX Engine Driver, Cloud II is very bad at the end of wireless operation. This software makes it possible to enable headset, microphone and virtual specialization. We condemn the lack of balance or even settings related to the built-in microphone. Awful.

The only advantage: for example, the possibility of creating profiles to activate the spatial function when starting a game. If you are not at all interested in this possibility, NGenuity Pilot is totally offerable. Also note that the delay can be defined before the headset turns off automatically when not in use.

Believes in its effectiveness

Cloud II is equipped with wireless 53mm dynamic transmitters With logically closed atria. It provides Very perfect sound performance and very suitable for multimedia use. So it can support users to play and listen to music.

In the ear, the headset provides A good dose passLike most gaming headsets. However it is reasonable and does not take precedence over the rest of the frequencies. The middle parts are also well written, thus allowing for good contrast of voices. Only three times louder than some sounds.

Source: Frontroid - Anthony Winner

Source: Frontroid – Anthony Winner

The Good stereophony Proposed by Cloud II Wireless, it allows for good localization of sounds that are particularly useful in gaming. The virtual 7.1 specialization proposed by the pilot makes it possible to expand the soundstage in a more decent way. Extra sinking note.

Now often, we have nothing to say Wireless connectivity is simply the best. We do not notice any specific delays and the range is very stable, allowing the headset to be used several meters away from the computer without any problems.

The microphone provided in the box is also interesting and allows you Catch the voice clearly. We are not logically equal to the best models on the market, but the performance of Cloud II Wireless is enough to discuss with our sports mates. As always, you can see below the audio sample recorded using the headset’s microphone.

Finally, in terms of autonomy, HyperX declares low 30 hours from the charger. While it is always difficult to accurately verify this value, it does not seem to be exaggerated as the helmet is durable. It can be used without problem for many days to accommodate the best students in its department. The headset will be fully charged within a few hours and will send a sensible notification when the battery is almost empty.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Headset Price and Availability

The HyperX Cloud II wireless headset is available at a recommended price of 169.99 euros HyperX site And to partner resellers. It is available in red, bronze and black.

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