Fans of Leigh Bardugo, rejoice! Not only have the writer’s series Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows entered the production tunnel, but we now have a cast too. And boy oh boy are we thrilled. The actors who have been cast seem to be made to portray the books’ characters and we couldn’t be happier with the choices made.


Netflix just never fails to deliver perfection, does it? The show, which would be a combination of both Bardugo’s trilogy and duology, will be produced by Eric Heisserer most recently known for Birdbox. The director’s hat has gone to Lee Toland Krieger. The executive producers behind the Netflix 8-episode season will be Leigh Bardugo herself and 21 Laps which also backs Stranger Things.

Talking about the upcoming show, Heisserer said, “Leigh and I are so excited to see this cast bring the Grishaverse to life. While some are perfect fits with how we envisioned them, others are surprising discoveries whose performance shattered our expectations.” As for the cast, we’ve collected brief deets on all members for you. Take a look:

1 – Ben Barnes as The Darkling aka General Kirigan


Barnes has always been a favorite among novel fanboys and fangirls. He is known for his roles in Westworld and the Chronicles of Narnia. People are super excited to see the British actor don on the cloak of this villain. One person tweeted in response to Barnes’ announcement of the show, “sir, you were born for this role.” Couldn’t agree more.

2 – Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov


Jessie is a newcomer so you may not have heard a lot about her. However, we’re sure she’ll do justice to the character. Her looks do put her in a good position to play the beloved heroine of the Grisha series. On Jessie’s twitter announcement, one follower wrote, “I’m so excited for you and your follower count to EXPLODE!!! They’re gonna love you like we do!”

3 – Archie Renaux as Malyen Oretsev


You may not have heard a lot about Archie but he’s a rising star who’s about to score some major points thanks to all the ladies fangirling over him already. The fun part is that everyone thought he’d be playing Kaz Brekker but he’d be playing another character. People can’t stop saying how they’re now stanning Mal more than they did when he was merely a book character.

4 – Freddy Carter as Kaz Brekker


The sharp jawline and bad boy looks do make it seem that Freddy will be able to bring Kaz to life perfectly. He certainly looks the part! Kaz Brekker is a super hit character among readers so there’s a lot of pressure here. In response to Freddy’s Brekkin’ News on twitter, one person typed, “You were my ONLY choice for Kaz. I’m so glad it’s you omg.”

5 – Amita Suman as Inej


You might recognize Amita Suman from her role in Doctor Who. While she’s not big yet, she’ll definitely be a big star once Bardugo’s show gets a teaser. Amita has the dusky skin that Inej has, and hopefully she’ll exhibit the personality of the character on-point too. When Amita shared the news of her joining the Grishaverse, one Twitterer replied, “the best inej we could’ve ask for.”

6 – Kit Young as Jesper Fahey


Kit is another blooming actor who will get more attention with the release of this show. Honestly, he seems to be just so apt for the role. Commenting on the tweet shared by Kit, one fan wrote, “So excited!! Jesper has such an amazing personality and I can’t wait to see your take on him.” Kit has already shared a piece of what’s happening in the production pipe right now – a picture of his chair.

As per Variety, the following actors will take on the roles of these characters:

7 – Sujaya Dasgupta as Zoya Nazyalensky

Zoya’s role in the series is one that is powerful. Which is why we’re super excited for Sujaya to bring this character to life.

8 – Danielle Galligan as Nina Zenik

Nina is feisty and wild and Danielle Galligan will play her part, as per rumors and what Variety is saying. Let’s hope this decision is solidified because Danielle seems to be the right actress for Nina.

9 – Daisy Head as Genya Safin

Another revelation by Variety is that Daisy Head would be playing Genya in show. Only time can confirm this tidbit.

10 – Simon Sears as Ivan

Lastly, Simon Sears will play Ivan, a powerful Grisha who has a high rank in The Darkling’s army.

As for who will play Wylan Van Eck, Matthias Helvar, and Nikolai Lantsov, all these deets are yet to be announced. In fact, sorry to break your hearts but Nikolai will enter the stage in the second season, so there’s no point waiting for a casting announcement in his case for now.

The story of the first season is mainly set to cover part one of the Grisha series which is Shadow and Bone and part 0 of Six of Crows. That’s the little that we know for now. As for what you can expect from the prequel of SoC, we’ll probably get to see a backstory of the crows.


Honestly, we’re a bit too excited. Until the show comes out though, there’s a new adult book by Leigh Bardugo that will be out soon. It’s called Ninth House and the plot seems to be twisted and dark as always. Let’s devour.