January 17, 2022

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A leak reveals the next games to be offered

A section of the list of games that the Epic Games Store offers for the holidays has been leaked.

Update: The leak tells the truth. Epic has successfully unlocked Vampyr as a free game on its calendar on December 23rd. So Pathfinder Kingmaker is expected to be released tomorrow December 24th. Prey will be a Christmas gift. An amazing choice. This is a good game, but slightly dated (2017). In addition, the Delaps Liquor, Car only, Which publishes free games one by one, which is rated the best in the selection. Could have expected even better.

The leak was discovered on Twitter. User FficOfficialSlickYT Released a screenshot of the list of games. It inspires previous gifts, but today and tomorrow. So we see the mutant year zero: Road to Eden and We have announced in our article dedicated to the Giveaway calendar of the Vampyr epic.

This is because Epic hides a note in every giveaway movie announcing the upcoming free game. The solution we took to find out in advance what the next game will be. However, thank you FficOfficialSlickYT, A small gap calls itself, as we already know, two games that Epic will offer after Vampyr, namely December 24th and 25th.

Epic offer Pathfinder Kingmaker And Prey For Christmas

It will be Pathfinder Kingmaker And Prey. Two different types of Triple AAAs, one Western Roll-Playing Game (CRPG), the second FPS.

Knowing the games that Epic Games Store offers on its Advent Calendar allows everyone to organize themselves, so do not buy games that you can pick up for free after a few days. Delaps is the champion of this theory, but only to reveal the game the next day. A novelty from last year, Car only We are indebted to the list of Delaps and have published the entire table at once. He had to rearrange his technique, which was released by leak FficOfficialSlickYT Taken shortly before time.

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As a reminder, the Epic Games Store offers one game a day for 15 days. An activity to celebrate the end of the year holiday. Every game should be collected every day. Free for 24 hours only from 5pm to 4:59pm the next day.