How would you feel if you are followed around? You’d be creeped out, right? That’s exactly how Noah Centineo felt when a group of fans followed him. The Netflix actor who has made a place in everyone’s hearts opened up to on Jimmey Kimmel Live! on Friday about the incident.

“I went to New York for work,” said the 22-year-old. “I was at baggage claim and I had my headphones on, and I was waiting for my bag to come out. I feel a presence approach me and without even knowing, I had to side step and take my headphones off and there’s, like, four people looking at me.”

One would assume that these people had just landed but nah. They were there for Noah. When Noah casually asked them about their flight, they told him that they were there for him. How crazy is that on a scale of 1 to 10? We know, that’s an 11.

Wait, it gets creepier. Not only had the group succeeded at figuring out when Noah would be at John F. Kennedy International airport, but they also followed his car to the city. Even the To All The Boys I Loved Before star admitted that the entire ordeal “was actually kind of scary.”

And if you think that’s all of it then know that the craze of this group of fans didn’t stop there. The group, along with a fifth member, got ahold of Noah Centineo a second time as well. Same place, JFK airport. “They were there again,” said the rising star.

But because Noah is amazing, he didn’t lose his temper. Neither did he just keep quiet about the matter. He went to the group and expressed his discomfort. “I said, ‘Look, I love your love, I love the fact that you care about me…. Just don’t follow me. The rest is cool — just don’t follow me.’”

People need to understand that everyone needs their space – celebrity or not. It’s not cool to follow people around, it’s an invasion of their privacy.