June 28, 2022

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A CPU was found in the B650 and runs on 1.5V!

As time goes on, the closer we get to the release of the Ryzen 7000s, the closer we get to their release, the more we have to have. Leaked About them. Anyway, today, by a guy on Twitter, you can see one of these CPUs running with the biggest VCore on the MSI B650 card!

1.5V VCore for CPU running on Ryzen 7000: B650!

Of course, you should take a grain of all this salt when you see it Leakage. However, the account 9550pro We are sharing a photo showing the CPU running on the MAG B650 on Twitter. It also shows a very large VCore of 1.532V, which of course is one Engineering model.

In short, it is difficult to be fully behind all this. However, this can be explained in many ways. One, the copy was tested to see what it gave in its last post (for example in OC). It’s time to build a good portfolio of EDF stocks. However, this is not a definitive model, especially since we do not even know how many cores this processor has.

As a reminder, with this 7000 series, AMD will be offering something new Socket : AM5, which is on the LGA (pins Socket). In terms of workmanship, we qualify for 5 nm from TSMC and can expect a 25% gain in IPC according to us. Spanish colleagues. In addition, AMD is targeting 5.00 GHz and will continue to deliver CPUs with a maximum of 16 cores. This choice will magnify the Raison 5000 to 170W from 105W to TDP for this generation.

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Finally, we can count on support for up to 28 lines of memory in DDR5 (5200 MT / s) and PCIe 5.0. Tito for AVX-512 instructions, USB 4.0 etc. If confirmed, it should send the tree.