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After waking up the first thing that always comes to our mind is a dose of caffeine, be it coffee or tea. To process the whole day, we need the buzz of energy that each of these cuppas gift. Both are popular sources of caffeine. However, most people have their preferences.

Coffee and tea are not just restricted to the job of waking us up. Lovers of both the beverages have been debating on what’s the best choice for a long time now. Be it coffee or tea, both caffeine sources have various other health benefits. On top of that, both the drinks come in the company of their downsides too.

Let’s see what both coffee and tea have in store for us:


The Pros:

-Rich source of antioxidants

Tea is a great antioxidant and helps in fighting cancer. The polyphenol present in tea is a potent antioxidant. Research claims that it is an important component that has the potential to fight cancer. Studies indicate that polyphenols can help slash the risk of developing breast cancer and colon cancer. However, more research is needed to consolidate this claim.

-Great for cardiovascular health

Green tea is positively linked with cardiovascular health. Researchers understand that it can reduce the risks of issues like heart attack and stroke. Plus, green tea also boosts the condition of the heart.

-Helps in fighting against diseases

Tea contains antioxidants that help fight toxicity. Our body has an immune system in place to fight against bacteria and diseases. Free radicals, however, boost the odds of chronic health conditions.

The good news is that tea is packed with antioxidants that battle free radical damage.

The Cons:

-It affects our physical appearance

The first and foremost implication of tea on our physical appearance is stained teeth. These negatively impact your smile. People who drink a lot of tea each day have yellower teeth as well in contrast with those who don’t.

-It affects the absorption of iron

Secondly, the antioxidant tannin found in tea hinders the process of absorbing iron. This causes the deficiency of iron in people who drink excess tea.


The Pros:

-Helps fight against cancer

According to research it was found that coffee works to safeguard against cancer, especially, in the case of colorectal cancer. Moreover, it helps in reducing the cancer of the skin too. It was found that people who drink coffee once daily can lower their odds of developing these cancers.

-Boosts up the level of energy

Coffee with its high content of caffeine is more effective when you need to fight laziness as it helps effectively in waking you up.

-Fights against mental illnesses like Parkinson’s

Research notes that a significant benefit of drinking coffee is that it can help an individual against Parkinson’s disease. Coffee positively impacts the part of the brain that is affected by Parkinson’s.

-Fights against diabetes

It is also considered that coffee fights against diabetes. It regulates the levels of insulin. Hence, reducing the risk of Type II Diabetes.

The Cons:

-Can cause toxicity

If coffee is not of good quality, it means it has many impurities. This can be a source of toxicity for your body.

-Side effects on mental well-being

As coffee has a significant amount of caffeine, so when the initial effect of the caffeine wears off, then it can cause anxiety and restlessness in those who take in huge amounts.

-Risk of cholesterol

Studies also confirm that coffee can even be the reason behind cholesterol. Cafestol in coffee increases the risk of cholesterol.

-Should be avoided during pregnancy

Though there is no strong evidence, but it is suggested that women who are pregnant should avoid coffee, as the higher amount of caffeine in it can directly impact the unborn child.

Final word

There are both pros and cons found in tea and coffee, but the lesser amount of cons in tea makes it more of a winner. It is advisable to switch to tea but if an individual finds it hard then reducing the number of cups of coffee can be a good start.