You’d think that women would know all about lingerie – but nah, they don’t. Experts say that a whopping 80% of women are unaware of even their bra size. Clearly there’s more knowledge that women need in this area.

This brings us to the things that you need to consider when purchasing your bras. Wondering what these are? Here’s a quick guide on the 6 important factors that you need to take into account when bra shopping:

1 – Purpose

So, you’ve made up your mind that you’re to go bra shopping today. Surely, you’d be well aware of why you need more bras in your life.

Perhaps you’re looking for something sexy to turn up the heat at nighttime. Or maybe you just want to replace your daily wear bras because the ones you have are 6 months too old.

Depending on the reason, you’ll have to consider features like comfort and style. For instance, if you are wanting something to wear to bed perhaps you should get a balconette. If you want one to wear beneath your gym clothes then you should go for a sports bra.

2 – Fabric

Bras come in different fabrics. You can decide which one you want based on what makes you feel more comfortable, and also depending on the occasion.

If you are looking for nightwear, lace can be a steezy option that will make you feel gorgeous in your skin. Many women think cotton and linen bras are more comfortable for day-to-day wear because they do not make you sweat.

Others prefer the stretchy material of jersey bras. Yet others are fans of padded bras because they give them more shape. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which fabric you prefer more. All materials come with pros and cons.

3 – Style

There are a variety of styles of bras available. You can get for yourself bikini tops, push-up bras, bralettes, and more.

While you can and should experiment with different bra tops, different bra types look good on different body types and bust shapes.

For instance, balconettes and bralettes don’t work as well for fuller busts as they do for those that are heavier at the bottom. Other than breast shape, you can choose a different bra based on how much coverage you want.

4 – Size

When you are purchasing your undergarments, or any clothes for that matter, always take your size into account.

If you don’t have your measurements, you can get a professional to measure for you. Or you can do it at home by means of an inch tape.

The width of the band and the cup size are two different things that you have to consider. Know that different brands’ different sizes can suit you better. If ordering online be sure to take a good look at the sizing chart given.

5 – Quality

Never compromise on quality when buying lingerie. You may think that no one would look at your underwear, so they don’t have to be premium.

But don’t make that mistakes because poor-quality items don’t take long to get torn or damaged which means you have to spend on new ones again.

Check the details – the hooks of your bra, the elasticity of the band, the material of the bra. Never purchase secondhand undergarments and make sure you regularly change your everyday wear items lest they loosen up and don’t offer good grip.

6 – Comfort

As mentioned above, you should always purchase what you find comfortable. An uncomfortable bra will constantly trouble you.

Decide whether you want a bra that has an elastic band or one that is tied with lace. The former is easy but can dig into your skin. The latter can be difficult or unreliable, but it doesn’t dig into your skin.

The goal is to get the fabric, the style, the mechanism of use that you find comfortable. Only then will you be able to feel confident.