Are you among those unfortunate people who experience sleeplessness on a regular basis? Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling asleep again? Have you tried everything to improve your sleep and are left with no options? Perhaps, you haven’t tried everything after all.

You might be thinking of considering over-the-counter pills for inducing sleep. However, experts suggest you keep your distance from these drugs. You see, these medications contain ingredients which come with negative side effects. A little extra dose can actually put your life in danger. If you’re looking for healthy sleep, you may have already tried keeping your phone away, sleeping in the right temperature, and yoga.

But if none of these options have worked for you so far, try something new. To give you some ideas, here are 9 unusual tips for sleeping better. Maybe, this will help you enjoy relaxing and refreshing uninterrupted sleep. Here goes:

1 – Use a lavender oil diffuser

Not only does lavender oil smell divine, but it also comes with a few great health qualities. For instance, it can improve your sleep by means of reducing stress and calming you down.

In this regard, try lavender aromatherapy. You can keep a lavender oil diffuser in your room to improve the overall atmosphere as well as your sleep.

2 – Try CBD

If you have been keeping up with the wellness trends of this year and those of the last few, then you would have probably heard of CBD. This cannabinoid comes from the cannabis plant. Unlike its counterpart THC, it doesn’t make you high.

Among CBD or cannabidiol’s many benefits are its abilities to reduce anxiety and allow for better sleep. You can use a full spectrum CBD formula, which will contain terpenes as well as other active cannabinoids that will work synergistically with the main ingredient to help you sleep better.

There are many CBD products available. You can go for CBD bath salts, oil or another such product for availing the benefit.

3 – Take a hot shower before sleeping

Another way you can enjoy better sleep is by going for a hot bath before bedtime. A hot bath can help cool your body down by bringing blood from the core to the surface.

It can also relax any pains and muscle strain so that you can enjoy relaxed sleep. Your hot shower doesn’t have to take too long. In fact, even a 10-minute hot bath will do the trick. It will relax you and send you to a peaceful sleep. Take your warm bath 90 minutes before heading to bed.

4 – Drink cherry juice before bedtime

While a lot of people drink warm milk before going to sleep, which can also help with sleep, if that doesn’t work for you try drinking cherry juice.

The tart juice helps you sleep better by increasing melatonin production and relaxing your body. Taking it on a regular basis will improve your overall sleep. You will be able to fall asleep faster as well as not worry about waking up in the middle of the night.

5 – Use a weighted blanket

Another way to sleep better is by trying a weighted blanket. Such a blanket is made of two layers. The outer layer is removable and washable while the inner layer contains small beads of glass or plastic. The blanket may seem very heavy, but when you wear it, it’s very soft and comfortable.

Science shows that a weighted blanket can help you sleep better by means of inducing deep touch pressure. The therapeutic nature of this blanket is such that it increases melatonin, serotonin, and oxytocin production.

In this manner, it helps you feel better and encourages sleep. Furthermore, cortisol production is controlled which helps you relax.

6 – Don’t eat before going to sleep

Have your dinner quite a few hours before you plan to go to bed. After all, if your food has not been digested it is going to travel back up your esophagus or cause bloating. This can make you feel uncomfortable and disturb your sleep.

There are some particular foods that you should completely avoid prior to going to bed. These include caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. All three drinks promote nighttime wakefulness.

Also, avoid sugar before sleeping. Lastly, consume more magnesium-rich foods because those can help with sleep.

7 – Think your best thoughts

You must have heard, and noticed, how tension-inducing thoughts don’t let you sleep. Happy or relaxing thoughts, however, have the opposite effect.

You should try to imagine something that makes you feel calm when you’re trying to sleep. It’s more than likely that such calming thoughts will immediately put you to sleep.

8 – Stretch your toes

Maybe rather than just focusing on keeping your eyes closed and sleeping in a comfortable posture, you should also curl and uncurl your toes when sleeping. The act of stretching and relaxing your toes will work to release tension from your body.

It wouldn’t only relax your toes but other muscle groups such as your feet and legs as well. This will work to enable better, more calming sleep.

9 – Blow bubbles

Last on this list of unusual ways to fall asleep faster is the silly activity of blowing bubbles. Blowing bubbles works like a deep breathing exercise which calms you down. It also gets your mind off any worries. This us how it soothes your body as well as your mind to help you catch restful sleep.

Do you have any more fun and unusual tricks for sleeping better? Let’s discuss them in the comments’ section.