Call it the Kylie Jenner craze or a mere beauty practice, it has become very common of people to go for lip fillers. However, not everyone gets the end results that they want out of the procedure. This is because many folks do not read enough about the treatment before getting it done.

To ensure that you don’t make the same mistake, we’ve curated a list of things that you should know before getting lip fillers inserted. Let’s dive in:

1 – Research the doctor thoroughly

Most people rush too much. They are so excited to get lip fillers that they forget how crucial it is research the background of the doctor. An inexperienced or unskilled doctor can inject fillers in the wrong places which can leave your lips looking like the beak of a duck. This can entirely ruin your appearance and add to not just stress but also expenses.

Therefore, always go for a board-certified surgeon. Make sure that the doctor doesn’t make any compromise on sanitation. Read reviews prior to booking an appointment. Look at pictures and if someone in your circle gets their lips down, ask for opinions.

2 – Decide what look you are going for

Give a good thought to how you want to transform your lips. Are you looking to get both your lips plumped? Or would you rather just get fillers injected in your upper lip? Make sure you clearly communicate with your surgeon what results you are aiming to get.

If you want full-on juicy lips, your doctor will inject the filler directly into your lips. However, if you are going for a more natural look then he’ll insert the needle at the rim of your lips. If you are not sure, keep the process slow. Some surgeons let you get half a syringe injected in the first appointment, after which if you want larger lips you can get the other half filled.

3 – Fillers are temporary and you can get rid of them too

If you want your lips to forever have that ‘plump’ effect know that you’ll have to get them done at least once a year. Fillers typically last for 10 to 12 months. Lip fillers do not last forever. The hyaluronic acid gets metabolized by the body.

In fact, you can get hyaluronic acid fillers removed as well. Your surgeon will inject an eraser enzyme into your lips to speed up the process. This way, you’ll get your natural look back. The process of getting lip fillers removed is not something to fear as it is pretty safe.

4 – Decide which type of fillers you want

Your research job doesn’t end with deciding on a surgeon and the size of lips you want. You also should think hard about what type of fillers you want to go for. When lip fillers weren’t as common as they are today, the only existing option was collagen.

However, now there are several options to choose from. You can go for hyaluronic acid juvederm fillers which give a plumper look. Or you can get restylane fillers which give a more natural appearance.

5 – The procedure doesn’t take long and results are instant too

Don’t worry too much about all the time you’ll have to anxiously go through injections being poked into your lips. The procedure doesn’t take long at all. The only part that may take some time is that which your doctor uses to know what you want.

After that, the main, painful part passes in no time and your lips are ready. Results show almost immediately. However, do give your lips some time to relax. There may be some bruising which often goes away on its own in a few hours.

6 – Avoid the numbing cream if you can

While the process doesn’t take very long to complete it can be excruciatingly painful. The pain is particularly sharp when the needle hits your cupid’s bow. You can use numbing cream to reduce the pain, but the cream can make it difficult to catch how your lips look.

This is because it plumps your lips up a bit which prevents you from gauging the effect of the filler. When this happens, you may get less plumpness than you wanted.

7 – There are a few things you cannot do prior to the treatment

Do not exercise the day you are to get lip fillers. Also, don’t get a massage or another facial treatment that can increase blood flow. Moreover, do not take fish oil, vitamins or ibuprofen before the treatment.

This is because these are blood thinners which can increase the risk of bruising post-treatment. For the same reasons, you should also swear off alcohol and caffeine prior to the treatment. In fact, these should also be avoided after the treatment so that the swelling goes away fast.

8 – You can massage any bumps and lumps

It’s not uncommon to get some bumps and lumps after the treatment. However, these shouldn’t last for too long. In case you do notice bumpiness, consult your doctor. He can show you how to smooth out the bumps. Typically, it is recommended to use your fingers to gently massage on a balm.

However, don’t try anything on your own. Since the filler is malleable immediately after the surgery, you don’t want to press so hard that your lips’ shape gets disfigured.

9 – Know that the treatment is pretty expensive

It is essential to point out here that getting lip fillers is no cheap deal. In fact, you will have to flash out a lot of money. A single syringe can cost you from $600 to $1000. Considering the look is not permanent, you will have to pay that amount as many times as you get the procedure redone.

You will be, almost every time, tempted to go for cheaper options. Your eyes may catch a too-good-to-be-true coupon even. However, just to save some bucks don’t compromise on quality. It’s a beauty treatment getting done on your face after all.

To wrap up, do your homework before getting your lips injected. Know that the procedure is quick but painful. It can cause bruising, bumps, and swelling. There are care tips you should know about for both pre- and post-treatment. Lastly, know that the treatment is costly.