In our early years as women, several of us pout in disagreement when we hear about Botox. Some simply think they won’t need it. Others don’t like the idea. Yet others, think swearing it off is the best move. However, as you enter middle age, your beliefs about the procedure may change. That’s because you start noticing the slow but evident formation of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles on your facial skin. And a lot of us are ready to skip these signs of aging for as long as we can.

However, whenever you do decide to give in and get Botox filled, don’t just hop right in. Do your background research not only about the clinic from where you plan to get it done. But about the procedure itself as well. To help you out, we’ve collected all the things that you should know prior to getting the treatment done. With these, you are almost all covered.

1 – Botox doesn’t iron out wrinkles

Botox exists to clear your skin of wrinkles and fine lines. But guess what? It’s a preventative measure. The primary ingredient of Botox freezes your muscles in place. This keeps them from contracting in ways that fine lines can be formed.

However, if already have some lines stretched across your face, don’t expect those to vanish. This explains why women get it when they are rather young. They don’t want wrinkles to find a house on their face as soon as they cross 30.

2 – Ditching consultation is not a good idea

Before you go and get some Botox pumped into your face, you’ll need to visit the clinic for consultation. The Botox consultants there will asses your face’s natural movements. These include how you raise your eyebrows, smile, frown, etc.

According to your muscle movement, you doctor will inject Botox where it is needed. He or she may also conduct a health assessment. This is done to see whether or not you take any medications that may interact negatively with the Botox.

3 – There can be unpleasant side effects

Even though the Food and Drug Administration approved Botox use back in 2002, don’t expect the process to be free of negative side effects. It is common to experience some swelling and a headache following the treatment.

However, in case your practitioner makes any mistakes during the procedure, you may experience drooping eyelids. This happens when the Botox spreads to other muscles of your face. This results in sagging in areas there shouldn’t be any.

4 – The effects don’t last for long

You’d hope that Botox would work its magic on you such that you wouldn’t need another injection for a long time. However, that is not the case. In fact, you may need to see your doctor within just a period of 3 to 4 months.

At best, your Botox injection effect is going to last for 4 months. But if you are someone who exercises or has an expressive face, don’t be surprised to notice the effects fading within just 3 months of getting your last Botox injection.

5 – You may get bruises

The needle for Botox hits below your skin. It may come into contact with your blood vessels. If that happens, bruising occurs. However, within a few days these bruises vanish. Some doctors also offer a next-day procedure for eliminating the bruise within 24 hours.

Basically, the doctor carries out a laser treatment. However, not everyone experiences bruising. Most people just get some swelling and redness which is not severe. This goes away within just a handful of hours.

6 – The treatment actually hurts

You may have already expected this. Getting Botox is a painful experience. However, it’s not the sort of pain that can be ignored as many think it should be. Botox treatments can be excruciatingly painful for some people.

Experience varies from person to person though. Also, the headache that you get from the needles hitting your face at several places can last for a bit. Plus, don’t get freaked out if you hear a terrifying sound coming from the needles. It accompanies but doesn’t last long.

7 – You cannot rest after the procedure

Sure, you can sit calmly on your most comfortable sofa and contemplate if the experience was worth it or not. But you cannot lie down. This means that if you have an accompanying exploding headache you may just have to bear it.

What’s more, you cannot take ibuprofen after the procedure either. That’s because it cause further the bruising. You cannot exercise as well, as that will only spread the Botox to areas it shouldn’t and weaken the effect as well. Also, no makeup or touching the area in question.

8 – It can limit some expressions

When Botox freezes some of your muscles, of course, these means that there are certain expressions that you cannot make. For instance, if you get Botox filled in your forehead, this means your ability to frown will be affected.

Is this something to worry about? Not really. Sometimes it is good when your expression aren’t exposed to those around you immediately. Is not that something that a lot people wish they had more control on anyway?

9 – It is surprisingly common

You’d think that Botox is common only among the elite and celebrities. However, if you discuss the treatment in your circle, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that several women get it done. The procedure can be conducted for less than $300 from a reliable clinic.

And there’s nothing to get ashamed of when it comes to getting injected in the face. Honestly, it’s like makeup but on the inside. It’s not a sin or something that you should be guilty of getting. So, go ahead without those thoughts.

To sum up, Botox injections are painful. They can also cause a headache and some bruising afterward. The temporary cosmetic procedure lasts maximum for 4 months. It requires after care and may have adverse side effects if your doctor isn’t skilled enough. Therefore, focus on quality not on pricing.