Since Netflix dropped To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, girls all over the world have been going cray cray over Peter Kavinsky. Sure, the movie is a hit, but a bigger hit is the lead hero played by Noah Centineo. True love is being experienced worldwide as women have unanimously taken their hearts out for Noah to conquer. If you’re here, Jenny Han’s book’s movie adaption must have been you guiding star too.

To start off, know the basics: Noah Centineo is part German, part Italian. His father was a pastor, is an entrepreneur. His mum is a spin and yoga instructor. He is a 22-year-old dude who came to bless Earth with his good looks on May 9, 1996. Also, he moved to Los Angeles two years back.

Now that we’re done with a brief bio, here are a few things that you probably don’t but should totally know about the dreamy boy rising star. Read on.

You have seen him before

If you are a music Junkie and a major Camila Cabello fan too, then you would probably have screamed “I know this pretty face!” when you first saw Noah smile in the movie. The actor starred in Camila Cabello’s music video of Havana. He was also on Freeform’s show called The Foster and was also a part of other Disney shows such as How to Build a Better Boy and Jessie.

He was almost in ‘The Kissing Booth’

While we don’t know if he has ever been in a kissing booth, what we do know is that Noah was almost about to be a part of The Kissing Booth movie. This Netflix movie has also captured a whole lot of attention but alas, Noah Centineo was not a part of it. “I auditioned for the leading role in The Kissing Booth that came out on Netflix, funny enough,” the actor told Buzzfeed in an interview.

We’ll get to see more of him

It seems like the directors had foreseen his success as the young actor is going to be a lot more on your screens. He is set to star in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser as the lead actor with Shannon Purser who is a Stranger Things alum. He is also set to take up space alongside Riverdale’s Veronica played by Camila Mendes in The Stand-In. Oh, and we’ll be getting a part 2 for continuing Lara Jean’s story as well!


He is sort of a writer

Okay, so this guy, we assume, has been taken out from the pages of a romance novel. He’s hot and he writes. In an interview with W Magazine, Noah Centineo revealed that he just writes whatever is on his mind. He went on to explain how for now his relationship with writing cannot be called serious. His words are in narratives or uhm, “spoken word poetry.”

He reads books

Because being a writer at heart is not enough, Noah also reads. We don’t think it’s just his smile that is crust-worthy; it’s definitely his personality as well. In an interview with W magazine, the actor opened up about how he exchanged books with a girl he liked when he lived in W Hotel. While taking about how he tries to take a break from social media, he named “reading” as something he does to avoid his smartphone.

His rabbit was murdered

Yep, you read that correctly. This heartthrob had a rabbit as his first pet and because he is such a cutie, he named the rabbit ‘Princess.’ However, Noah’s parents later got a dog as a pet and guess what horrific thing happened? The dog ate his princess! Talk about heartbreak. “My first pet was also my first death,” said Noah while talking about the incident.

He wasn’t the high school cool boy

Unlike what his looks suggest, Noah was not the cool lad at school. Rather, he was the funny kid. In an interview with Vulture, Noah revealed, “I was like this tiny little kid that was goofy and would always crack jokes.” He further added, “I didn’t really care to cater to certain social structures that were in place to be cool.” Well Noah, we consider that really cool of you.

He resembles young Mark Ruffalo

Talk about finding doppelgängers. The internet has come to the conclusion that Noah resembles Mark Ruffalo a whole lot. Fans agree that they look like a father-son duo and must be cast in a movie together as father and son. Plus, Noah himself also knows this. In an interview he said how everyone thinks he resembles the actor who plays the Hulk in Avengers. “I guess it’s just my mannerisms, like the way I talk, the way my eyes move around maybe when I’m thinking …? I don’t know!,” he said.

He is completely sober

He’s addictive but he doesn’t have any addictions. Peter Kavinsky aka Noah Centineo says in what seems to be a live video that was shot who knows when that he is entirely sober. In his own words, “I’m completely sober. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink … I don’t do drugs.” We really hope he carries this on. Explaining further, Noah says in the video how quitting these habits and opting for yoga instead cleared his mind and helped him identify his problems.