When it comes to snacks, French fries are often topping the list of favorites. The salty and crispy potato sticks can be quite hard to keep away from even though they clearly have no nutritional value to offer and come packed with substances which can harm your health.

While that should be reason enough for us to limit our consumption of French fries, most of us just can’t seem to stop. Fries, after all, are tasty side dishes that many are simply addicted to. So, let’s give you more accurate reasons on why you should not be a French fries addict and not have more than a few of the strips in a week. Let’s get started:

1 – French fries slash down years from your life

French fries are not just unhealthy, they are downright deadly. The food is made of three ingredients – potatoes, oil, and salt. All three of these are not too promising in terms of health. In fact, they form the recipe for a variety of diseases which can shorten your lifespan.

Unfortunately, in the United States, children as young as 2 years of age are fed French fries which is where the love for this side dish starts.

2 – They can cause diabetes

Most people fear sugary foods and drinks when they think of diabetes but make the mistake of not taking carbohydrates into account. French fries are loaded with those which means they can result in insulin spikes and cause diabetes.

In fact, a sugar called dextrose is also found in French fries which can cause diabetes as well. So, there’s more than one diabetes-contributing factor in these potatoes.

3 – They can up risk of cardiovascular disease

Another reason French fries, are not the best pals of your health? They can chip in the risk of heart disease and stroke. You see, fries up bad cholesterol levels which clog arteries. Clogged arteries block blood from flowing to your heart or your brain.

This can cause a heart attack and even stroke, which is a brain attack. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide so fries should a non-no on your meal list.

4 – You have acne to fear

French fries don’t only have components that block your clogs but those as well that block your pores. This means excess fries can also cause an acne breakout. There are several reasons for this but the most obvious one is this – deep fried foods aren’t good for your skin.

They also reduce moisture content so the signs of aging show up faster as your skin’s tone and texture is negatively affected.

5 – They have cancer causing properties

The frying process of cooking fries results in the formation of a chemical called acrylamide. This chemical is linked to cancer. Risk of different types of cancer is heightened with your consumption of fries such as breast and renal cancer.

There are also other carcinogenic toxins that French fries expose you to which is why you should definitely not overdose on them.

6 – You are at the risk of food addiction

Food addiction is when you become addicted to food. This can cause your appetite to expand and you to gain weight. This can be very problematic to control. One research found that French fries are among the top foods that cause addiction.

It is crucial that you eat a healthy amount; too much food and excess gets stored. Therefore, limit your eating by avoiding processed and unhealthy addictive foods.

7 – They contribute to obesity

As expected from the above pointer, French fries can cause obesity. Looking at how obesity is a global issue, controlling your intake of fries is important. Fries are high in trans fats which are unhealthy and make you put in weight.

Even what seems like just a small packet of fries can substantially increase the number of pounds you carry around your waist.

8 – They can raise your blood pressure

Typically, French fries are mixed with a pinch of salt. You’d be aware of how harmful salt is. Excess of it can drastically increase your blood pressure which is linked to a number of health problems including heart disease and stroke.

If you are hypertensive, you have all the more reason to avoid French fries. Know that even if you don’t sprinkle on salt in your fries, taking sauces high in salt with your fries also up blood pressure.

9 – They increase your osteoporosis risk

Foods that can heighten your blood sugar levels are not really the best for your bones. High blood sugar causes calcium excretion, weakening bones. It also triggers a process called glycation in which glucose attaches to collagen and makes it rigid.

Furthermore, foods that have salt also increase osteoporosis risk and more often than not, salt is a primary ingredient of French fries.

So, these were the top reasons why you should eliminate excess fries from your life. Do you have more to add?