From taking selfies to going on a date, people have become obsessed with looking perfect. This is what has given a boost the plastic surgery industry with celebrities like Kylie Jenner fueling trends. Compared to 2000, the number of surgeries for beautification purposes have substantially upped. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 18 million surgical and noninvasive cosmetic procedures took place in 2018.

Why do people go for these procedures though? Blame the media and low self-esteem. From looking at slim women with just the right features on television to competing in a world crazy about body perfection, people have somehow entered the race to look their best.

Body and facial modification though, comes at a cost. There are always risks of infection and other troubles involved. Regardless of all those though, people are choosing to get their appearance altered. So which surgical and noninvasive procedures are most common? Let’s take a look.

1 – Breast Augmentation

Topping the charts, breast augmentation is the most common surgery. It involves filling up the breasts with fat from another area of the body or using silicone or saline pads as filling. There’s cutting of the areola and nipple involved to elevate their position. This surgery can also reshape the breasts. However, there is the risk of asymmetry and infection.

2 – Liposuction

Liposuction is a fat reduction procedure for body contouring. This process cannot remove cellulite or help with obesity. It can be performed on various parts of the body including the tummy, butt, thighs, hips and even ankles. This procedure involves removing fat from areas by using a laser to first liquify fat and then suck it out. New fat forms at other areas, sometimes deep inside the skin, coating organs and causing damage.

3 – Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery that removes sagging skin from the upper eyelid. On the lower eyelids, puffiness, eye bags, and wrinkles are removed for a youthful appearance. The surgery is pretty common nowadays and works to also improve vision which loose skin on the upper eyelid can impair.

4 – Nose Job

Also known as rhinoplasty, this surgery is directed toward changing the shape and the size of the nose. Sometimes such a surgery is also helpful in alleviating discomfort in breathing due to the improper structure of the nose. This cosmetic surgery had a lot of women wanting to get their nose shaped like that of Rihanna’s and Meghan Markle’s as per a doctor.

5 – Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is another surgery that is a rising trend. Like liposuction, this surgery doesn’t help obese people. It is for those who are relatively fit with some skin hanging loose around the abdomen. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin in the tummy area and then tightening of the skin. Most women opt for this surgery after pregnancy.

6 – Breast Reduction

Interestingly, while some women want to get fuller breasts, others want to get their breast size reduced. A lot of women face various daily life troubles due to their full bust. Such a surgery solves their problems, improves their posture, and also makes breasts more symmetrical. Therefore, this surgery doesn’t just have cosmetic purposes.

7 – Dermal Fillers

With age, skin loosens as hyaluronic acid’s natural supply reduces. Artificial filling of hyaluronic acid into the lips, face, and other parts is another popular treatment which goes by the name of dermal fillers. It is done to make parts of the face, such as the lips and the cheeks, look fuller and hence more youthful. This process can also help reduce wrinkles. Another name for dermal fillers is soft tissue fillers.

8 – Botox

You must have heard about this one as it is getting commoner than you think. Botox is injected into the skin so as to freeze the muscles in a particular area for the purpose of reducing wrinkle formation. A common misconception regarding this treatment is that it makes wrinkles vanish after they have formed. No, Botox is basically a preventative procedure rather than corrective.

9 – Breast Lift

Looks like the population is more obsessed with breasts than ever! Another breast-related surgery that is quite popular is breast lift. Such a surgery combats sagginess and makes the bust perkier. Many women decide to also go for a boob job, which is another name for breast augmentation, when they get their breasts lifted.

So, these were nine of the pretty common surgeries that many people in America are going for. How many of these have you got done or find worth trying?