Ezra Miller is a fashion force who is breaking boundaries. The 26-year-old is not only known for his acting skills but also for his impeccable style sense. The Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them star has been open about his non-binary status.

Admitting that he isn’t biased toward any pronouns, Miller has always dressed neutral. Not to forget, the actor isn’t shy when it comes rocking a bold lip and extraordinary eye glam.

His latest outfit that has attracted tons of attention is an iconic dress and jacket pair which he wore as the new face of Urban Decay cosmetics in Korea. The pro-queer actor donned ensemble from Coach’s fall 2019 collection.

He paired his printed jacket and collared-dress duo with a matching purse and black, laced OTK boots. To turn the notch on drama up, Miller painted on glittery eyeshadow combined with a red lip shade. He dipped his face into shimmer and struck several memorable poses for the cameras.

While several people stan him for his authenticity, free-spiritedness, and unique yet on fleek style profile, many also bash him for not dressing in a manly enough manner. When Just Jared shared pictures of the actor flaunting his look at the event of Urban Decay’s Pretty Different launch, haters poured in with nasty comments.

One person wrote, “wow that sad see grown men dress up in woman clothing there is just no words to truly expression such sadness.” Another commented, “Poor thing wants attention. How pathetic lol.” Yet another comment simply read, “Ridiculous.” Apart from his getup, several also gave their opinion that Ezra Miller shouldn’t have been cast as DC’s Flash.

“That is why I said he wasn’t right to play Flash,” typed an Instagrammer. A lot of people had an issue with his unshaved legs, but there were also those who defended him against the haters. Many were simply proud that Ezra doesn’t give a care to what people say and does what he wants to.

In 2017, Ezra Miller opened up about how several people had told him that he had made a mistake by revealing his sexual identity. Lots of folks around him told him that revealing the details of his sexuality would hamper his chances of landing a leading role. But here we are – Miller will be the leading actor of his character’s movie The Flash.

When Justice League’s makers first put forward that they had chosen Ezra for playing the role of DC’s speedster, a lot of backlash happened. Fans were just too used to seeing Grant Gustin don the hat of the character on this TV show that a change this massive took time to be digested.

Many people still favor Gustin over Miller simply because they like his Barry Allen better. The Flash movie will be Ezra Miller’s chance to prove the masses wrong and win the popular opinion. What are your thoughts on Ezra’s recent looks? We think everyone should be given the creative freedom to express themselves.