Where do you normally get to see Kylie Jenner’s pictures? On her own Instagram account.

This is where some hateful fans think all the magic happens. From heavy photoshop to multiple surgeries, people think that Kylie’s Insta photos are an illusion. Catch her candid pictures elsewhere and she doesn’t look quite the same anymore.

When Just Jared shared pictures of Kylie’s strolls with her man, Travis Scott, the Insta celeb news account didn’t bother to alter the snaps. Freshly captured paparazzi pictures of the couple did make them look as glamorous as ever – but some folks think there’s a stark difference between how Kylie looks on her own page vs. how she looks when the pictures aren’t from a photoshoot.

JJ shared a shot of Jenner and her rapper boyfriend walking on the streets of Italy. In the photograph, the makeup mogul is dressed in a jumpsuit that hugs her figure oh-so-perfectly. But people in the comments’ section are certainly not impressed.

“She is only 22, and looks older,” typed a commenter. Another wrote, “This body is only good in photoshoots. The post also shared another shot of the reality TV show star in which she’s wearing a fashion-friendly frock. Though a few comments praising her second look made through most were about how “old” and “puffy” she appeared.

“She looks huge and old,” said another person while yet another commented, “This not what I see on Instagram.” Many people think that Kylie Jenner’s multitude of beauty-related surgeries have aged her looks.

Kylie has been accused of getting her hips, jawline, nose, and much more done in addition to her lips. However, she herself has only directly admitted to getting her lips done after initially trying to deny this as well. The 22-year-old has also been called out for heavily editing her pictures before putting them up for all to see.

At the end of the day, it is up to her if she wants to get surgeries done to feel beautiful. Let’s not forget that when younger, she was bullied for having very thin lips and is still badly criticized for her original lips. Now that she’s got work done, people still have an issue. Clearly, you cannot make everyone happy.