‘Let it go and move on’ that’s the advice that several people and even your own mind would whisper to you when you find out that you or your partner will have to move to another country, state or place. Because making a relationship work and keeping the spark alive while being so far apart is a challenging task. But guess what, if you truly love each other this obstacle would seem easy.

In fact, getting out of a relationship in the fear that wouldn’t work because of the distance might be the start of you regretting your decision. Love works if it is there. Sure, you have to pour in efforts and keep rules in place. But isn’t the hard work worth the person you claim to be your forever?

However, so many people mess up even the best of their relationships because of the distance between them.

Wondering how you can keep the love shining bright despite the physical separation? Here are 8 ways you can make it work:

  1. Give each other space yet keep the chats regular

What most people do is that they constantly send texts or call their significant other in order to be a part of their lives. They try to compensate for all the miles between the two. They don’t want to feel left out. And while the opposite person may not feel bad about it at first, the possessiveness eventually feels suffocating.

Let the other person grow and have his own life too. That doesn’t mean you should get lost on each other for days on end. Schedule regular calls and stay in regular (but not sticky) touch. Send each other video messages. Play your part in being a part when you’re apart.

  1. Learn to live and grow alone

While many are against long-distance relationships, it can actually be a great way to figure yourself out. If you have barged into a relationship with your significant other at an early age, in this alone time you can learn to let yourself grow. Learn to live without a partner. Be your own person and have fun, make memories that are only yours.

On the other hand, if you are someone who has taken his time starting a relationship and now has to maintain it long-distance, this distance can be a test for you two. Only strongly-knit couples can survive such trials. See if you both fall in that category.

  1. Make use of all online channels

Schedule skype dates. Share both video and audio messages. Keep your texts creative. Make sure that the opposite person doesn’t get bored with any sort of repetition in the mix. Sweet texts also work. Sending each other messages that read ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Night’ every other day can work like magic.

Don’t forget to keep the thrill alive. You can also keep track of each other on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Befriend each other’s families and close friends online. Although, don’t get obsessive about it. Such behavior can often destroy the spark that your couple shares.

  1. Surprise your partner with gifts and letters

Online all the time can get boring. Celebrate each little victory in your personal lives by sending each other gifts. Keep these a surprise. That way, it will surely bring a smile on your partner’s face. What’s better than that? Keep yourself alive in the other person’s world. You can also send love letters via mail the old school way!

Those reach like a snail but they’re way more precious. Since they are handwritten, you leave a piece of yourself with your partner. He or she will probably tuck it in a safe place. Small gestures like these are the sweetest!

  1. Have a goal of your next meetup in mind

Make plans. Decide together when you both will next be able to meet each other and celebrate in person. You both don’t necessarily have to visit each other. You can travel together and make the moments more memorable. Travelling all the time to meet your partner where he lives can sometimes feel like a responsibility; like a chore.

However, if you do stick to one of you visiting the other and, if the stay is boring, don’t let that get to you and harm your relationship. It’s absolutely alright if something doesn’t go exactly as planned as long as all is good between you two.

  1. Make rules and stick to them

Before you both part, make rules. Decide what you two with be okay with doing without each other. Are you okay with your boyfriend going to clubs with other female friends? Does the idea of your girlfriend hanging out with some particular other guy not sit well with you? Are you two exclusive, or can you two still date? Decide on the terms.

You don’t only have to make the terms and conditions but stick to them honestly as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry and this is why you must consider informing your partner prior to weaving your way into dangerous territory if the need to step into it arises.

  1. Do the little things together

Do you two share any similar interests? Don’t let the distance sip the fun of doing things together away. If you are both into cooking, prepare a dinner for yourselves that you both would like but have never made before. Share the results with each other. If you both are into books, buddy-read a book and keep the discussions alive. Play an online game together.

Similarly, you can watch a movie at the same time even if you are apart. Or perhaps, watch a TV show that you both enjoy together every week! There are lots of activities that you both can do at once to be together in it when you’re physically apart.

  1. Flirt with each other and stay honest

When you two are apart, one of you or both might require regular affirmations of love from the partner to know that love between you two still exists. A great way to start this is by keeping the provocative and flirty talk alive. It can feel like starting your relationship all over again. But it’s worth it. Also, don’t forget to be honest with each other.

Honesty must be a part of the foundational pillars on which your relationship stands. In case you feel like you or the other person is drifting apart, talk about it. If you are guilty of something, tell the partner. Don’t wait for the opposite person to find out himself.

That wraps the list of how to keep your romance alive. Don’t forget to stay positive the entire way. Insecurity and jealousy can eat up a good moment and create bad vibes. In fact, this duo of jealously and insecurity can be burdening for those it is targeted at in any relationship. Be your best and do your best. The rest will unfold itself.